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Guys in skivvies

Posted by quickdry on 2006-03-02 12:06:12

Look at this info on styles worldwide about male undergarments http://www.misterpoll.com/poll.mpl?id=214734835

Just highlight and copy site.Use control C and paste in address bar control V

Posted by QT on 2006-12-19 19:10:28

I love him

I have a brother who I think is really hot. I'm 16 and he's 17 and sumtymes we do 'it' with the pills of course. My mum and dad knows we do it and don't seem to care. Look below to read how we 1st did it. I was in my bed and my bro, Brendon, was at my desk in my room studying. I was so tired and the light was on so I couldn't sleep. When my bro was finished he said he's stay with me for a while to help me sleep. He got under the duvet with me and held me close. I had never had a bf before and this was when I was 15. He kissed me on my cheek so I returned the favour then I giggled and he kissed me on my neck. I returned the favour. Then he said he so tired and I held him tighter and his head lay on my chest and I began stroking his head. I kissed me on my neck again then turned me over so that he was right on top of me. I laughed and hugged him when he said he loved a little cuddle. Then I said that I liked a bigger 1 so he held me so close I began kissing me on the neck
non-stop - I loved it so I kissed him on the cheek, this time closer to his lips. The next thing I knew our lips were about 1cm away and were moving closer to kissing. After we kissed on the lips we kissed again but longer and started to makeout. It felt so good to kiss someone. His hand (which was on my hip) slipped down to my bum and held it. I liked it so I did the same to him. Then we got really hot and sweaty so Brendon took his shirt off and shorts so he was left in his boxers and he began kissing me again. This time his kiss was more passionate, intimate and intense. His hand slowly rised to my back again and up my t-shirt. He pulled it off me and the same for pants so I was left in my knickers and bra. We were then kissing so much and I was moaning like mad. He felt around my bra and rubbed it gently then I muttered that I wanted it harder so he did and it felt great. He then unhooked my bra and ripped off my undies and slid away his boxers. We were left naked under a duvet. He told me to wait so I did, it was then about 2:00 am so he creeped to the bathroom then came back to my room. He asked if I had ever had sex before and when I said no (which was the truth) he said that was about to change and it did. We had sex and I loved every minute of it. From then on we've had a sexual relationship and it feels so good when 'it' goes 'up' if you know what I mean! ;)