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Parents not in charge of the family

Daughter In Charge

Posted by Cuckhub on 2003-08-13 16:20:51

We have a daughter and son, our daughter is in charge of the family. She has always spanked me but in the last few months started to spank her mother. e-mail shiner30@excite.com

Posted by destry on 2003-08-15 02:11:37

========== In Reply To ========== ... our daughter is in charge of the family. .... e-mail shiner30@excite.com

I suspect this is just an erotic fantasy, but it is a very sexy fantasy! Why don't you give us a good long story (or , if true, a LOT of details)? BTW, how old is your daughter? And the rest of the family?


Posted by Cuckhub on 2003-08-15 23:21:43

========== In Reply To ========== Believe me its not a fantasy. My wife and I are both 36 we have a 16 year old son and our head of family is our daughter 14 years old who has been in 100% contol of our lives for the last two years. Our family structure is at the top, our daughter, then our son after him my wife and then at the bottom me. You may think some parents are hard on their kids, but you haven't seen nothing until you put your kids in charge of you. Its a lifestyle and we will never change

Posted by destry on 2003-08-21 22:42:28

========== In Reply To ========== What kind of things does she punish you for? How about your wife? Does she spank her brother, as well? Who has gotten the worse punishment? What was it? Does she use different kinds of humiliation, or just spanking?

Posted by quickdry on 2008-02-18 21:39:21

I'm interested in parents taking a poll I'm doing for school. I'm currently studying counseling. The only reason I'm asking you personally is you have daughters and I don't want a bunch of teen answers just parents. Please tell other parents you know. Thanks


thanks much Dennis