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Parents not in charge of the family

spanked by daughter

Posted by Jill89 on 2007-12-27 22:49:45

Jill, our 18-yo daughter has told me to post this here since, even though the poll is old, votes are still coming in under the new system. I first posted this under a newer poll using my account, but Jill first took it over and then deleted it. (I was addicted to the internet and needed her control.) Here's the post:

In our house it is our eldest daughter Jill who delivers the spankings to her parents and her younger brother and sister. We had a regular routine for punishing our children as they accumulated minus points for bad behavior. A year or so ago, our eldest teen declared that she was going to take charge of discipline from now on. She is a very organized, assertive, take-charge kind of girl. She had already taken over our bill-paying and check-balancing because we were so bad at it and kept getting in a mess. She rightly pointed out that she was the responsible member of the family and that her parents' behavior was worse than hers by a wide margin.

After much discussion we agreed to her terms for a year. We recently reviewed how things were working and agreed to make the arrangement permanent.

Every Friday evening after dinner we all assemble in the living room. After the younger teens have been dealt with and sent to bed if needed, our daughter reviews how many minus points we have earned. She asks my wife about my behavior and me about hers. We have to strip and stand with hands on head while she scolds us. She takes each of us over her knee and spanks us with a heavy hairbrush until we are bawling. If one of us has earned more, we are ordered to bend right over a sturdy table in the kitchen and grip the sides while she canes us soundly. Then we serve our corner time, which ranges from half to a full hour and sometimes more, while she watches television. She then sends us both to bed--it's about 9:00 pm by now--where we have some much needed marital time together. In the morning we have to serve another half hour in the corner, where our bruises and stripes from the previous evening testify to the thorough job our daughter did.

This is an unusual arrangement, I know, but in our case it makes for a smoothly functioning and loving household, where we are all held accountable and kept on track, especially those like me who need and deserve it the most.

Gus (Jill's dad)

Posted by quickdry on 2008-02-18 21:37:39

I'm interested in parents taking a poll I'm doing for school. I'm currently studying counseling. The only reason I'm asking you personally is you have daughters and I don't want a bunch of teen answers just parents. Please tell other parents you know. Thanks


thanks much Dennis