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sister vs brother

Moving out experience.

Posted by Miss Roxeh on 2005-09-14 13:59:19

Im 13 now. Female and a few weeks ago my older sister moved out. I went into her bedroom well she was packing and for whatever reason it was i was angry at her and started to yell curses into her face. She was 18 5'9 and 120 pounds well im 5'4 and 90 pounds. She mounted my face wearing Lululemon yoga pants and sat on my face for a LONG time

I was struggling to get out but she loved it. I was knocked out and she stayed on my face for hours well watching tv. She probally almost killed me, and would of to if my mom didnt step in. I look forward to doing this to my little bro who will be 8 when i move out :D

Posted by Evil Gurl on 2005-09-14 23:40:03

Hi Roxeh. Good luck in your future facesits! I love doing it to my brother, and since we're the same age, probably will through college too! So I got a long way ahead for me. Unless he decides to bulk up, but I don't think that's gonna happen :)

Posted by girlsrule on 2005-09-18 17:33:49

It fascinates me the amount of girls that like to sit on their brothers faces, especially if they have skirts on. do any of you girls do this with the intention of making him smell your panties? and if so have you ever made sure that your underwear smells pretty bad so that he suffers.

Posted by girlsrule on 2005-09-21 06:53:48


Posted by Evil Gurl on 2005-11-06 02:22:33

I actually do sometimes, like I wear a certain pair for 3 days or so, then take him out and cover his mouth with my crotch! He can never escape :)