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Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!!

Women's Hands Over Mouth

Posted by gagstress on 2003-12-14 07:48:57

I believe that women cover mouths far more often than men do. And I am sure male mouths end up with female hands over them far more often than female mouths do. I mean, who wouldn't prefer a feminine hand over mouth rather than a masculine one? For one thing, in general, women's hands are usually much, much cleaner. Women take incredibly good care of their personal hygiene. Women's hands are softer, tenderer, gentler. They are silky to the touch, and the woman usually wears a wonderful-smelling sweet perfume, hand cream, or lotion to give the hand gag recipient a fantastic olfactory experience! And women's hands are much prettier and beautiful! I like long, sleek, slender hands with gracefully elegent fingers that are pretty, long, and slender. I prefer a skin coloration that is a fair, flawlessly perfect shade of creamy vanilla white. You asked for our stories to share on the message board. I have so many, but may I share one that was really a turn-on for me? I can only tell Part One, but I will return for Parts Two and Three soon. I was visiting some friends and staying with them for a week one summer up in Meadville, PA. It was a married couple named Rick and Sue. Sue had just gotten a new computer and wanted to show it off to everyone. She had invited her sister Sarah, whom I met for the first time. Sarah brought along her 15-year-old daughter Jenna. Jenna was stunningly attractive. She was a cheerleader at school, very tall, slim, and well-endowed. Her hair was a beautiful shade of auburn red, shoulder-length and shaggy, and she had big blue eyes. Her face was so incredibly lovely, sweeter than an angel. Her smile was a killer mega-watt smile with dazzling white teeth. And her lovely complexion was a fair shade of feminine snow-white. Jenna was wearing a crisply starched white blouse with long sleeves and a peach skirt. She was one of the most incredible looking girls I had ever seen in my life. I was really taken with her, but she wouldn't warm up to me for about two days. Soon she was asking me a million questions and carrying on endless conversations with me. She followed me everywhere I went and would not leave me alone. I really liked her and we spent so much time together, becoming good friends and really bonding. Strange that I was 36 and Jenna was two weeks away from her 16th birthday. She even started calling me uncle from sheer affection! On the evening Sue was demonstrating her computer, everyone crowded into the living room to see it. There weren't enough chairs so I ended up kneeling on the floor, with Jenna close at my left side. All eyes were facing forward as Sue showed how to do all these neat things with her new computer. About five minutes into the session, a soft feminine hand with long fingers came creeping slowly from my left to completely cover my mouth! It was Jenna's soft, sweet-scented feminine hand! Why was she covering my mouth? I hadn't been talking or making a sound! I looked up at her in a questioning gaze and she put a slim finger from her free hand to her lips to motion me to remain silent. I nodded for her and she kept her hand over my mouth. At first Jenna's grip was tentative, shy and hesitant, not sure I would react favorably to her hand. But once I had nodded, her hand tightened noticeably! After about a minute I realized Jenna was eventually going to take her hand away. I did not want her to ungag my mouth. But I didn't want to disobey her strict order not to talk, by trying to tell her verbally to keep holding my mouth. But if I didn't do something quick, I was going to lose her hand gag! Body language kicked in naturally. I pulled her to me in a gentle embrace from my crouching position, showing her nonverbally that I liked her and her pretty hand. She got the message and kept her starkly white hand in place a while longer. I loved Jenna's hand as a disciplinary gag in her little game. I noticed that no one was paying any attention to us at all. Everyone was too engrossed in Sue's computer lesson and asking her endless questions to notice Jenna's little hand. She was getting away with it, and she loved it. Five minutes. Ten. Fifteen. Jenna was making no effort to take her hand away. In fact, she only tightened her grip all the more. Twenty. Thirty. An entire hour passed! Jenna's sweet hand was remaining snugly in place, and no one even cared! We looked at each other over her hand, pleased and encouraged by the lack of notice or interest. Jenna, emboldened, grinning wickedly, saw no reason to let me go and so she did not. Ninety minutes! Two hours! Three hours! Jenna did not even take a break from her gag nor did she give me one! Unbelievable!!! Four hours!! Five!! Six!!! I could not believe it! Her hand did not budge, even as it grew a little stale and sweaty to the taste. Jenna's white, pretty hand never moved from my mouth in all that time!!! After about twenty minutees, my obvious erotic reaction to Jenna's hand was showing to her. There was a clear bulge in my blue jeans in front. She was holding my mouth as tight as she could, repeating the word "Gag" over and over in my ear, never easing up on her gentle but firm grip. She finally leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Like it? Like my hand?" I nodded vigorously! "Shhhhh. Want me to keep holding it?" she cooed sweetly. "You like it when I put my hand over your mouth, don't you? I can do it all evening if you let me! Just stay quiet for me and promise you won't talk or try to talk till I take my hand off." she challenged. I nodded again, promising her as she made me do so a few times, and Jenna smiled her delighted pleasure and self-satisfied amusement in her famous radiant grin. Two things were going through my mind during Jenna's six-hour hand gag. My conscience was wrestling with my lower anatomy. My logic was warring with my pleasure. I felt ashamed, guilty, embarrassed, self-conscious. She was only a girl-child at 15, and here I was making out romantically with the pretty feminine hand she had clamped over my mouth! Just a kid! What would her mother say if she saw Jenna holding my mouth and me liking it? Would NY mother say to see me enjoying a teen girl's hand gag for six hours without a break? Would she be angry with Jenna for gagging her son with her stranger-girl's hand, or me for loving it? Was I a sicko, a pervert, a sexual wacko? How could this young teen girl's hand turn me on, as if she were a full-grown woman? Jenna was just a little baby! Shame on me! But I was loving her hand! It was so soft and supple. Her cool palm was velvety smooth. Her flowery perfume was so sweet and light with its tangy fragrance--heaven! Her very feminine hand was not large, but was very long and slim, sleek and curvaceous. Jenna's pretty fingers were slender and long, making her hand seem so much longer than it actually was as it wrapped all around my lower face. Her gentle fingers were over my lips, tipped with razor-sharp eagle talons perfectly shaped and painted a glossy sheen of scarlet blood-red. My lower anatomy was going wild! It was like a bucking bronco stomping to get out of the chute! I had a quick erection, and I began to hear my accelerated breathing picking up in Jenna's tight hand. It sounded all muffled and rasping as my ragged breath went through her long fingers and against her immovable palm. Every breath I took gave me a whiff of perfume-scented oxygen through Jenna's pretty, white girl-fingers. I forgot that all air does not smell as sweet as Jenna's hand made it smell! I was going mad for her prolonged hand gag. The longer she held my mouth, the warmer and more familiar and intimate her teen-girl hand and fingers became. In those six endless hours, I ejaculated several times. Six relentless hours with a teenage girl's sexy, white, sweet-scented, pretty hand over your adult-male mouth gives you plenty of enforced quiet time to think--a lot of time. I had wildly crazy thoughts! Insane thoughts, like wanting to marry Jenna just to get her sweet hand gags. Or marrying her hand--if that had been possible! It did seem very strange to be unable to talk for so long a time. Jenna With The Hand had taken away my freedom of speech and suspended it till further notice. And still no one saw or said a word to her! I can't tell you the erotic ecstasy I experienced behind Jenna's hand for six straight, uninterrupted, unrelieved hours--360 beautifully blissful minutes in female-handgag nirvana! I felt, tasted, and smelled Jenna's charming hand and its wonderful softness, sweetness, and dainty delicateness. Her hand was so incredibly clean! Cleaner and fresher than an April shower in Ireland! But clean as it was, her girl-hand became a bit smelly and stinky with sweaty staleness after six hours. Jenna held me silent the entire time, whispering that I was not to speak until she took her hand away. She kept up a steady soft shushing in my ear, even when I was perfectly quiet under her perfect little gag. "Shhhhh. Shhhhh. Shhhhh." I nodded and let her keep holding my mouth as long as Jenna wanted to. It was clear: This girl had a seriousd hand gag fetish and was unable to exercise self-control. An all-evening hand gag--and I didn't mind a bit. I have two more chapters to tell about Jenna's hand and her incessant handgagging that I'll save for some later messages. Who would have thought that a lovely 15-year-old girl's pretty hand would make such a flawless gag for six hours and really turn me on erotically? Any feedback on this story? I'd especially welcome female feedback. Comment here--love to hear from you. If you prefer a private reply, contact me at my e-mail address: talithakoumi@comcast.net. Stay alert for Jenna's Hand, Parts II and III.

Posted by handgaglover on 2006-04-19 05:44:31

My first experience

I was in grammar school when I had my first hand over mouth experience. The two girls that handgagged me were one of my sister's friends. My family was in the back yard having a picnic. I was a fast eater so I finished before they did and went out front to ride my bike. That is when her two friends came up to me and asked me what I was doing and where everyone was. I told them everyone was still in the backyard and I was going to ride my bike. I do not remember one of the girls names but I do remember one of them,in fact she called me last week to ask me my sister's number as she was trying to get in touch with her after not seeing her for a couple of years and my sister had since moved. Her name is RoseAnne and she had long beautiful dark hair and long red fingernails that even as a young kid turned me on. They both smiled at me and told me how cute they thought I was. I smiled and was embrassed because I had a huge crush on RoseAnne. She told me I was not going to ride my bike and that they were going to take me upstairs and tickle me. "no you're not",I said to them. At that moment RoseAnne came up behind me and put her hand over my mouth. I wasn't a very big kid in fact I was pretty small back then. She reached her other arm underneath both of arms and around my chest. The other attractive girl with her grabbed my feet and I struggled so RoseAnne clamped her thumb over my nose so i couldn't breath. "If you wanna breath then stop struggling". It freaked me out so I stopped. I didn't think she would smother me out but then again I had no idea why they were doing this to me. So they carried me upstairs to my sister's room and closed the door. They threw me on the floor and pulled my hands behind my back and while RoseAnne kept a strong hold over my mouth the other girl tied my hands behind my back with bandanas. Then she turned me over on my back and tied my feet together with a long piece of cloth. RoseAnne kept holding my mouth closed while the other girl tickled my feet and my sides and under my arms. After a while I couldn't take it anymore. I tried to get away and that is when RoseAnne clamped her other hand over my nose and pinched it so I couldn't breath at all. "If you're going to try to get away we'll have to gag you too and tie you up tighter so you can't move at all". I seriously couldn't breath so she signaled to the other girl who got two more bandanas. RoseAnne pulled her hand from my mouth and as I opened it to breath the other girl shoved a bandana into my mouth and used the other one to tie around my head to keep the other one in mouth. Then they found some more long pieces of cloth and some scarfs and tied me tighter so I couldn't move very much at all. When they finished tying me up tighter there was a knock at the door. It was my sister. "Whose in her"? RoseAnne answered and she told her that they were changing into their shorts and they'd me out in a while. My sister went back outside. "We almost got caught and it's your fault,so I guess were going to have to spank you". They rolled me over onto my back and spanked my $%!@ through my shorts. Although I was pretty young at the time I got really turned on and I knew from that day on that I would crave that kind of treatment from women. After that when we would play hide and go seek and I would hide in the bushes from my friends RoseAnne and the other girl whose name I wish I could remember would come out of nowhere and always seem to find me. They would handgag me and carry me off into wooded areas and hold me there for a while. I never asked them why they did this nor did I ever tell anyone because I was afraid of two things. I feared they would get into trouble and that it would also stop. I loved it when RoseAnne would hold her gorgeous hands over my mouth while her friend would pin me to the ground and they would tickle and spank me. They didn't spank me hard but it hurt sometimes but it was the kind of pain that was sensual not mean. Since that time when I was kid right up to now that I am 43 I still ove it and crave it. I love women with long red nails and handgagging and all the other things they did to me as well. So for me handgagging lead to other fetishes as well. This is an account of the true story of my first time.

Posted by dachshund75 on 2010-05-18 04:05:17

Despite what most would think, women's hands are far dirtier than men. All the lotions, perfumes, antibacterials...they just serve to allow space for disease to grow. It is true, look it up.

Posted by will roberts on 2012-10-23 12:01:33

yes i have had females sit on me and put their hands over my mouth. I loved it! I wish I could be a kid again because i got alot of HOMs when I was a kid.

Posted by Chastity Becker on 2020-07-18 03:08:43

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