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OK To Wear Girls Clothes?

girls stuff

Posted by poorkid on 2004-08-10 02:13:13

I only haft to wear girl clothing when I get in trouble. It all started when I was about 8 years old. I didn't know what I wanted to be for halloween. so my sister sujested I dress up as a girl. I told her she was dumb and the stupedes person on the face of the earth for even sujesting it. Well my parents her me call her stuped and dumb, which in are house was aginst the rules to call anybody dumb or stuped. When my parents asked her why I called her that she told them that I thought her sujsetion for a holloween coustum was dumb and stuped. We gess what I was for halloween that year. and because put up such a fight in getting into my sister clothes my dad spanked me every time I refused and he countinued to spaink unteli agreed to the articale of clothing I was asked to put on after about the 4th spaning and being in tears it did not take my mom and sisters long to get me dressed. when I refused to leave the house I got another spanking by dad my butt was red for two days but I was a girl for halloween that year.

About a month later I was teaseing one of my sister about having to wear a trainning bra. well when dad got home that night after the bare bottum spaniking the only thing I was wearing untill bed time was a tranning bra.

Thats when all three of my sister decided to ask my parents since it made me feel a shamed and embarrased to haft to were girls clothing. thay tought it would be neet to have another sister around every time I got in trouble. My parents like the idea and for the last 7 years I became a girl many times as the one time lead to another the lenth of the time I spent in girls clothing was increased more and more.

other things that were add to my humilating punishments were to behave and act as if i was a girl. especialy when I'm forced to go out in public as a girl. After the spankings I get for refusing to go out as a girl the speech is always the same. "If anyone other than us find out that your really a boy you will be sorry, do you understand me young lady." If I don't answer "yes I understand completly." Another spnking is givin until I say it exacly like that.

One time when I was 10 a sales clerk said to my mother as I was waiting for addressing room. "I think the last time you were her with your other daughter she looked so qute, I'am sure this one will be just qute as soon as we fined the right dress for her, to make her look more fenmmen."

Thay did fined the right dress and I wore it home form the store. When my mother and I met up with my sisters they said how much they liked my dress and that with a little make up I'd have boys chasing me. When we got to the car and started on the way home my mother nentioned to the girls that the clerk at the store thought the dress I wore in to the store didn't make me look grilsh enough. My sister took it the same way my mother did.

I not only spent the rest of the day in that dress but my parents informed me after supper I'ed be thier daughter for the rest of the summer including are vacation up to the lake latter that month. I started begging for forgivness for not looking girlsh enough and I'd do anything for the rest of the summer (About 5 weeks). my dad said it was to late and if i countinud I be spanked.

It was a long rest of the summer the warset part was swimming I coundn't keep my you know what tucked between my legs and it would work it's was to the front and if I wasn't carfull I'd give may self away. I learned to check before I got out of the water and put it back between the legs if needed. the one time i forgot my dad nearly had a cow and I was take to the Cabin and spanked very hard and was beached the rest of that day.

I'm glade I learned to behave over the next two years after that because it seemed that I was a girl more then I was a boy. in Fact when I was 12 if I wasn't in school or at a boy scout funtion I was a girl, I'll never forget that year.

I've been a girl 3 times sence then I'm now 15 and behave very well.

Posted by bob had a baby its a boy on 2006-02-15 01:10:01

will iam 15 in ever time i got in trobul i had to wear girl clothes and i want to the public swimming pool in a bikin my hiar was long and i had alot of boys coming in askin me out and my mom and dad said that i had to say yes to 1 and take him out and they made me go out with him for the hole sumer and they made me have to kiss him and stuff

Posted by Jay1-3 on 2006-09-16 06:59:59

Your Mom and dad are pervet! Queer and what ever else can be tagged to them. Scream sexual abues and put them both away for fifteen to twenty years. you would be far better off living on your own.