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OK To Wear Girls Clothes?

wearing girls clothes

Posted by Zen on 2004-08-17 07:20:52

wearing girls clothes is great I do it when ever i go out with my friends

Posted by morrie on 2004-12-05 16:43:51

all of mine do

My husband along with my 3 sons all wears girls underwear full time the 3 boys have had their choice and all decided that the panties were much better and preferred them hands down. My two daughters regularly dress the youngest in their old clothing and i have noticed lately that he now sleps in their old Pjs and nightgowns because he loves the soft fabric.

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-09 18:45:05

My husband and sons are all completly feminized by me. We all love it and it has been great. Many guys out there would like it to happen to them others should have it happen to them. Many more girls ought to feminize their males down some. It makes things so much more interesting and they always seem to be so calm and understanding. The transformation of my husband from the panty wearing man I met years ago to the beautful Blonde lady he is today is my crowning accomplishment. He and my sons look great and we all love it. give it a try. Even if just part time.

Posted by skirtboy489 on 2005-01-27 01:12:56

I am a 13 year old boy who wants to wear girls clothing. I am not gay but i love to waer it. The only thing is that I cant. I cant confront my parents about this. I have no free will and cant go anyware by my self. How can I get my parents to see that It is ok for boys to wear girls clothing. I cant belive you let your sons wear girld underware! HELP

Posted by gurlyguy111 on 2005-01-28 20:28:42


i am 15, and a boy, and i love to wear girls clothing. i sneak it from my family just so i can wear it, but im not gay, and unfortunatly, finding pantys is hard for me now a days