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OK To Wear Girls Clothes?

OK To Wear Girls Clothes?

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2007-02-03 18:17:39

In other cultures such as Pakistan boys wear make up. Sikh boys look veryfemine and might be mistaken for girls. George Washington had corset training as a lad. Before the Revolution men with money wore outfits like women wore a few years ago. In the early part of the Twentieth Century wore girl's outfits. Hollywood has tradition where gay actors such as Rock Hudson never did drag while straight actors such as the well endowed Milton Berle did drag. Girls are allowed to dress like boys. Boys should be dressed like girls. At the beach boys should wear panties and not swimming trunks. Swimming trunks can come off in the surf but panties never will. By dressing in drag boys can change in women's lockers and not be molested.

Posted by Mickeymysterious on 2007-07-06 13:07:36

Ive tried on my sisters knickers and my best friends sisters knickers. It makes my c.o.c.k get real hard straight away and its awesome to wank while Im wearing them.

Posted by punchingbag13 on 2007-08-19 03:16:57

I sometimes wear my sisters or friends clothes.

Posted by gilie on 2007-08-22 09:57:32

gril's clothe's

If you know your history hoisery was invent by man worn my men for centurie's before women wore them.