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OK To Wear Girls Clothes?

Yes, it is...

Posted by jwjwjwjwjwjw on 2005-01-02 14:06:00

I'm a boy, and have regularly gone out wearing girls clothes.

it all started when I was 11, and my big sister (16) took me shopping with her friends. We passed a girls' clothes shop and I was forced into a red velvet dress, thick white tights and red Mary Janes. I loved it.

I go out regularly, even now I am wearing a white blouse, grey pinafore and warm wooly grey tights.

To the guy who wrote this, I'm seventeen as well and there is nothing wrong with it.

Posted by pennysue on 2005-01-10 00:35:43

Yes it is alright, there are many men and boys out there who would love to wear girls items but are afraid of what others will say. the feminization of males is what this world needs today. Many a straight man would wear them if they were not afraid of being labeled as gay. A feminiate man is not usually a gay man there is a difference. My husband and sons all dress as girl and i love it.

Posted by jass2 on 2005-01-25 16:09:51

I too love it and dress as a women all of the time, My wife and I have just recently gotten our son to dress as a girl and he is having the time of his life and enjoying it too.

Posted by skirtboy489 on 2005-01-30 00:36:14

I am a 13 year old boy wo wants to wear girls clothing. I canot teLL my parents because i am afraid. How an i get my parents to see that it is normal for a male to wear womens clothing? I NEED HELP! please email me at iwdept1@yahoo.com

Posted by morrie on 2005-01-31 20:20:36

Talk to your mother and see what she says, She may not mind and be able to help you out. Many mothers and wives would love to feminize their sons or mates.Go out and buy your self some girls panties, many guys wear them and it is perfectly all right, my husband wears them all of the time and he loves other womens clothing and now wears complete womens outfits even when out or just hanging arround the house.