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Girls with no PE kit

vest and knickers

Posted by gezzer on 2004-01-04 07:05:03

When i went to junior school in the sixties All girls had to do P.E in just their vest and knickers.Quite a few of them were clearly most embarrassed about it as the boys were allowed to keep their normal clothes on apart from plimsolls.Us boys obvoisly took great delight in increasing a girls embarrassment even further by laughing and giggling at her exposed knickers to the point of actually making the odd girl cry.In spite of all this the teachers clearly dident care about what these girls were going through,indeed they actually made it worse.I can vividly remember just before going out to the playground the teacher yelling to the girls "and dont any of you girls dareget your knickers dirty" So,i ask you,what has any girl got to complain about these days?I have many similar recollections perhaps i will add some more if anyone is interested.

Posted by DaveThePartyGuy on 2019-08-12 00:09:11

Much as I went to school a decade or so later than you, Gezzer, in the poor area of Stockport where my school was, trying to get anyone in regular kit was almost impossible, so boys did PE in whatever they had - underpants, swimming trunks (!), shorts etc, whilst the girls mainly just did it in their knickers. Seeing them in their underwear in lessons meant there was no point them using the changing rooms so they just took their dresses or skirts off in the classroom and went down to the gym in their knickers lol! For some girls, their knickers were literally all they were wearing! Innocent times but all good fun. Wouldn't happen these days...

Posted by Marian-KL on 2019-08-14 05:32:59

That is right. Today these things would not be possible But when I was in UK it often happened that girls did PE just in kinickers. Was a normal sight to see a group of girls topless doing PE. Fun for the boys. But nothing happened.

Posted by BenFromAlperton on 2019-12-31 01:42:28

I was quite shocked a few weeks ago when I stayed after school for a boys five aside football practice. I must say it wasn't lessons, it was after school, but I was shocked to find some yr 10 girls practicing gymnastics in a corner of the gym with just their knickers on! They kind of got shy when i was walking through and turned away from me but i'd seen their boobs when I walked in on them! I spoke to one of them about it next day and they said they often use the gym when its quiet after school and if they haven't got their PE kit with them they just do it in their knickers.

Posted by StephanieC on 2020-03-14 16:40:19

I think girls are more practical than boys when it comes to sports practice. Boys like to feel dressed for the part. Girls are more focused on the exercise. If we've had a long sweaty day in school uniform we would naturally take our clothes off, even if we had no kit with us.

I remember a few occasions when we'd arranged between us to stay on after school to practice netball or squash. I really didn't care about doing it in just my knickers in front of other girls. Sometimes if it was very hot I'd be in just a t-shirt and take my knickers off, let a bit of air get around lol!

I think only on a couple of occasions were there boys present and they were good friends and knew us well, so there was no issue. There was once, though, on a very hot summers day when we were practicing squash and the squash courts were like an oven. I was topless and decided to take my knickers off. Two other girls were naked anyway. Just at that moment, one of the girls' boyfriends appeared on the balcony and saw me naked! I carried on red-faced and we had a good laugh about it afterwards.