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Wetting or messing your pants in public

Messing your pants

Posted by {poopypants} on 2003-10-28 14:51:58

The first time I messed my pants in public was on my way back from school. It was on purpose, just as the other times I've done it. I had decided that instead of keep thinking of doing it, I would finally poop in my pants. It was a bit hard to do sitting on a bike, especially the first little lump. I was wearing quite tight jeans that day, so I wasn't able to fill my panties completely. Nonetheless, this first time had got me hooked. The next time I did it was during my summer vacation. Both my parents were at work, so I went for a short walk, and about halfway home I found a good bush to stand behind while I "accidently" made a huge load in my panties. It was a very nice feeling, knowing what a naughty thing you had just done, a talking to people as if nothing had happened. I don't think anyone discovered what I'd done, but the stench from my panties when I took of my jeans was extremely gross, and it kept sticking to my jeans, so that I had to make up a cover-story when my mom asked about it. It was a close shave.

The last time I had an opportunity to go in my pants was when I had left a dinnerparty early, pretending to be tired. On my way home I pooped in my pooped a little in my pants, and accidently, a small amount of pee got out too. As soon as I came home I lay down on my bed and pooped a little bit more. Then I went downstairs, placed my self in front of the mirror and watched my panties bulge out as an enormous load splurted out of my butt. It is a very releaving feeling to just let go like a little child, and it certainly gives me a hard-on.

Until now I haven't been discovered, but in a sort of way I would like to be, because I'd like to be put back in diapers, not all of the time, just as a sort of punishment.

Posted by Jonathon Saeed Mirza on 2009-06-20 06:38:38

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