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Wetting or messing your pants in public

messing pants

Posted by amos on 2005-01-14 18:45:34

I poop and pee my pants quite often, but always on purpose. It is great fun and I enjoy it. Nobody has found out that I poop my pants, not even my wife, but lots of people has seen me with wet pants. I pee my pants in front of my wife quite often. She knows that I like to pee my pants and she doesn't mind when I do it at home. When I wet myself in the malls or some other public place I am by myself.

Posted by slickshit on 2005-03-08 17:11:50

pooping my pants

I like to $%!@ in my white Calvin Kleins as I sit on the toilet. What comes out is always hard and it takes a lot of pushing out but it sort of massages my hole as it happens. I like to feel the had lump through the cotton and often try to push it back in.

Posted by pooperpooper on 2005-09-21 06:57:25

k this 1 time i was in school and we had this big assembly and i had to speak and i didnt wanna so i messed my pants so much that it went out of my diaper and on the floor and everything.so i still cant move cause theres so much and they had to get the nurse and so i was naked in front of the whole school and they changed me and as punishment i had to eat the poop and suck the principals $%!@ cuz he was a pervert.

Posted by pooperpooper on 2005-09-21 07:06:18

being gay and pooping and wetting yor pants together

well,im gay.so is my friend.we hav 4 things in common.being gay,messing r pants,wetting r pants and playin this game.well we were in a hotel.we brought diapers,laxatives,condoms,the works.so i put on a diaper and take a lax,and pow.im there enjoying it and my friend sez i hav a game 2 play. so i said k lets play.so he takes of the diaper and drinks the pee out of it and eats the poo out of it and lick the poop off my butt and stuck his tounge in it and sucks my weiner 4 2 hours and i did the same to him

Posted by 305136 on 2006-06-30 15:57:11

I love peeing my pants but i dont mess in my pants to often. It's just 2, well, messy!