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Wetting or messing your pants in public

Stomach Flu

Posted by Teriyaki on 2006-10-19 21:57:52

A couple of years ago, just out of college, I was living in an efficiency apartment, just trying to make ends meet. I had gotten a job that was to start the following week, but it didn't pay much. Having just moved to a new city, I still hadn't made any real friends. My fiance and I had broken off our engagement mere months before I took this job, so I was pretty well on my own in a strange place. During this time, I contracted a terrible case of the stomach flu, that didn't go away until about 10 days later. I didn't leave the house unless I absolutely needed to. I was having to get up for what seemed like every 5 minutes just to go to the bathroom. Fortunately I didn't do much vomiting. It almost always came out the other end. No matter what I made sure that I was always near a bathroom.

After my first day of battling this, I was beginning to run short on household items. I had only just moved into the apartment and had been planning on going to the store for a major shopping trip during the week. Due to my illness, however, that idea was out the window. Still, I needed to re-stock the very limited supplies I had at home. I went into the bathroom, pulled my jeans and panties down, sat on the toilet and pushed in an effort to try to get everything out of me before I left. Nothing came out. I decided that this was a good sign, put on my coat, and left.

When I got to the grocery store, I still felt ok. I immediately went to pick up some bread, crackers, gatorade, and clear liquids so that I could try to keep getting nutrients without upsetting my stomach. As I was on my way out of the store, I remembered one more thing: toilet paper. I walked over to that aisle, but on my way I started to get a heavy feeling in my stomach, that was getting heavier by the second. I knew what was happening. Within about 30 seconds I was on the verge of having an accident. Very gingerly, I bent down to pick up a package of toilet paper. As I leaned all the way down, I felt a small spurt of diarrhea shoot into my panties. I was shocked. I hadn't had an accident since I was in the first grade, and here I was, a 22 year old college graduate that had just messed her pants. I picked up the toilet paper, put it in the cart, and felt my butt. Luckily it seemed as though it was contained in my panties, but I knew I had to get to a bathroom fast. From prior experience I knew that the bathrooms at this store were disgusting, and that I didn't want to use them. Since I only lived a short distance away, I opted to try to make it home. This proved to be a grave mistake. As I was standing in the line at the checkout counter, I felt another spurt of diarrhea escape into my panties. This one was longer, and I could tell even without putting my hand back there that I now had a stain on my butt. About a minute later I was at my most desperate and left my cart to start walking as quickly as I could to the bathroom. Unfortunately, just as I was passing the pharmacy counter I simply exploded. Diarrhea gushed into my panties, into my jeans, and down the back of my legs. As if to add insult to injury, my bladder must have thought I was on a toilet, because at that moment it released as well. As this was happening, I felt absolute humiliation, but also such a sense of relief from not having to hold it anymore that I just pushed the rest of it into my pants. Instantly someone called for a cleanup, and I decided that something had to be done about my stomach situation. I knew from past experience that I didn't want to mess with anti-diarrheal medicine, so I went with a different solution: I picked up a pack of Depends undergarments. People were generally kind enough to look away as I got back to my cart and checked out. After buying the Depends, I finally made it to the store bathroom to put on a pair. I cleaned myself up as best as I could, and threw my panties in the trash. I loaded my groceries into my car and started driving home. About 3 blocks from my apartment I felt the urge again, and just let go. When I got home, I showered, put on a fresh diaper, put on a clean pair of jeans, put the old ones in the wash, and sat down in front of the tv, happy that at least now I wouldn't have to get up during the middle of the show just to use the bathroom--I'd just go in my pants.

Posted by qazwsx1 on 2007-03-29 18:49:08

this is kind of weird thinking you dont even know your own gender ? at first you say that your fiancee canceled the engagment and then you said panties and a 22 yr old graduate who just messed "her" panties ..wtff ??

Posted by fredpen on 2012-06-02 00:48:16

good thing you don't know what you're talking about. fiance, which this person said, is a man. meaning SHE is marrying a man. fiancee would be a woman, but that's not what this person said. who looks stupid now?