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Wetting or messing your pants in public

I peed my pants!!!

Posted by WetPants2007 on 2006-02-11 02:33:37

I used to pee my pants all the time from the time I was in the first grade all the way through Junior High. I was always a real shy person and felt to embarrosed to raise my hand to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom.

The same thing happened on family trips I would always wet my pants in the car.I was to embarresed or felt to manly to ask my parents to stop to let me go all the time especially as I got older. In my head nine or ten years old was to old to ask to use the bathroom. I always waited until we arrived at our destination or ended up wetting my pants.

Posted by mark420247 on 2008-08-06 15:55:16

That was my problame... too embarased to ask. : (

Posted by *************** on 2008-08-11 02:48:28

I still pee my pants cause I'm shy to use public washrooms and I cant hold it that long, I litterly cant pee if im at a public place or friends house it just really hurts but nothing comes out, so I hold it tell I get home or pee my pants, I hate it thow but sence I was little I jsut couldnt go in public places, But at 17 no guys still pee there pants

Posted by littleclyde041 on 2008-10-08 04:15:23

i just started 10th grade and i already peed my pants twice in class. now when i go to school i wear pullups in case it happened again.

Posted by *************** on 2008-12-04 07:13:59

I wet my pants at school in grade 9 freshman year and grade 10 walking home from school, this year grade 11 like I said im shy to use the washrooms, anywhere so at school I try and hold it all day which is really hard some days I dont have time in the morning to go and By last period I am having a really hard time holding it, this year i wet my pants alot like not my pants more my breifs, my Trunk breifs usally are soaked, wet , damp , dry, or smell of urin when I get home at night from school or firends houses, at school I usally dont wet my pants enugh to show threw to my pants but after school or at freinds and mall and movies its hard to hold, I usally have darker pants on now thought so if I do pee my pants its harder to see, I have wet myself in class thow not alot but enough for people to see, I'm way to shy to buy pull ups.