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Strong Girls (girls only please)

love my 'girlie' power!!!

Posted by grrrrrrrrrl on 2004-06-18 23:00:44

I am a very athletic 13 year-old girl. I love taking care of my legs. I have been doing gymnastics since I was 4 and swimming since I was 7, and run a few miles every day. I also take self-defense classes. I always beat up on older males…they really don’t know how much power a girl can have. All of my opponents are bigger than me, and guys twice my weight have crumbled under my strength. No matter how big and strong, I always have enough gas in the tank to put a man away. Once a grown man gives in to a “little girl”, he’ll do anything for you to stop. Feet licking and face smothering are my favs. Love being a powerful girl!!!

Posted by ngxdjklfvnlzsvjhlzs on 2007-05-05 21:51:31


Posted by suede_shoes on 2008-06-19 04:04:45

When I was 18 and 19 I dated a girl who was about the same age as me...Meg..we used to wrestle for fun and most of the time she would mop the floor with me, even though I did get her to submit a time or two.

Once we were hanging out with some friends of hers, Rachel and Jesse, who were dating. We were chilling in their basement and at some point, a couple of us started pillowfighting, then that turned into wrestling. Jesse I guess was wanting to come across all strong and macho, so he put Meg in a bear hug. He wasn't trying to hurt her or anything, just playing around, trying to just get her to submit (because she had kept saying that none of us could get her to..she's just kind of a $%!@y girl like that). I knew she was pretty tough and had some powerful legs, but she didn't have much upper-body strength, and she wasn't able to break this guys hold. He kept telling her to submit, or he was going to keep squeezing, and she kept saying no (She was kind of prideful too haha). He kept on squeezing her tighter and tighter, and all she kept doing was struggling...kind of even turning a little red. They were both standing up, and he had her all the way off the ground bear-hugging her (He was a fairly big guy too). Just when I was starting to think he was going to make her eat her words and submit, she threw those long legs around him, and shifted her body weight so he lost his balance and she had him on the ground. She pinned him between her thighs and started squeezing him HARD...harder than she'd ever done with me (she and I really only played around). He was turning red and struggling...and he finally tapped out, but she kept squeezing him, just to prove her point I guess. After a few seconds...he had quit struggling, but was still trying to tell her to stop, because she was hurting him. Finally, Rachel, his girlfriend stepped in and told Meg seriously to stop, because he had some health issues with his stomach or something and that she really could be hurting him badly. So of course, my she let him go right away...she kept saying she was sorry for hurting him and that she had no idea about his health dealie.

She and I don't date anymore, but we still hang out some, and every now and then we'll wrestle or leg wrestle. I've never beat her in leg wrestling, she's got fairly thick legs. I've pinned her once or twice wrestling just for fun, but that's only if I can get her in a position where she can't use her legs. Her legs are pretty long and flexible(She's 5'8, about 135 lbs) so that's hard to do. Usually she just scizzors me and then teases me while I struggle against her. There's really only been a couple of times where she really was squeezing me hard to hurt me or bully me...most of the time it's just for fun. There's my story...I've got more I guess...one for every time she kicked my butt!

I can, however go to town arm-wrestling her...she's got nothing on me there.