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strip poker

Strip Poker and Forfeits

Posted by AkMike on 2003-10-15 04:00:59

I found out about strip poker when I was 12 and living in rural Michigan in the fifties. My buddies (both sexes) used to play once in a while on hikes, or at each other's houses. Usually 4-6 kids all about the same age.

The rules: Start with whatever you were wearing, and peel at your choice. A shoe and the same sock counted as one item. Once you were naked, you could continue to play, and either collect items back, or pay a forfeit if you lost again. If you got something back, you could put it on if you wanted, but hardly anyone did.

Forfeits: Most of our forfeits were paid in hide - the winner got to take a couple of open-hand swats at a patch of bare skin on the loser (usually the butt or back of the legs, but bellies were also a fair target). Other forfeits we played for were doing some type of embarrassing stunt or tell an embarrassing story. If refused, you had to take the swats.

It all was good innocent fun.

Posted by RayCasey on 2019-06-28 10:16:05

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Posted by Jack Abrams on 2020-02-09 07:57:44

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