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US controlling space

USA controls earth not space

Posted by fdostoevski on 2003-06-18 07:54:34

I'm actually not sweating about the US controlling space. International law dictates that no one can "own" anything in outerspace other than satellite and man made vehicles. Few countries have launch capabilities, but for the expense and controversy with would cause, the US doesn't interfere with the peaceful space endeavours of other countries and so far has done little even against the not so peaceful ones.

Now when it comes to renaming the earth to USA or maybe a more accurate discription is rename the US to the the "United States of the World" only bothers me if the best of the world doesn't have a vote. Right now the people living in the US Virgin Islands shocking have no electoral college representation for the presidency. The US sells itself as the beacon of democracy for the world, yet it does such a poor job of giving people outside of the traditional 50 states any say over how it works.

Let's face it. The United States is never going to pull out of Iraq. Do you think the people of Iraq will ever get any kind of vote in the US? BTW: The clock is ticking for Iran.