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Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only)

Humiliated By A Fat Black Chick

Posted by neverbeenbusted on 2003-08-12 06:54:11

A few summers ago I was working as a counselor at a day camp and one day a bunch of the kids started a wrestling free-for-all. Fearing someone would be injured, I was attempting to break it up and as I attempted to pull this one black girl away from the pile, I slipped and fell to my knees and the little bitch wound up getting me in a standing headscissor. It hurt like hell, I nearly pulled my ears off trying to escape and as the other kids cheered her on, she made it even tighter. This girl was only about 12 but she had big fat legs that were surprisingly strong. I never realized that hold could be so painful and I guess I panicked a bit, afraid of who might see me like that but I was the only adult there and of course, nobody helped me. After I had just about passed out I dropped down lower but I still could'nt get out and then i wound up choking again between her calves. When it was all over, the girl warned me not to report the incident to anyone. I did'nt dare tell and for her remaining time at the camp she pushed me around and made me do favors for her like getting her sodas, threatening to embarrass me again if I disobeyed. That's why black women are so strong and tough, it starts during childhood.