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Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only)

dominated by a much younger girl

Posted by newyawka on 2004-06-06 19:25:06

One time I was wrestling with a friend of my cousin’s purely by accident. I have a lot of younger male cousins who always play fight with me…I lift them up, slam them down on the couch, they laugh and we do it all over again…usual stuff. There was this girl Kate who is 13, but pretty developed at 5’2 and 120lbs, muscular legs, a little chubby…regular tomboy type. She decided that the cousins should get a few shots in, so she sat on my shoulders as we all were sitting in my backyard, and held my arms back. I figured I would let them have their fun, being 6’1 and 220lbs, thought nothing of it at the time, but her bare thighs began pressing harder against my face and head and I was having trouble getting her off me. I stood up to make it look like I was giving her a ride, and I went into the family room with her, and got on my knees to push away. Instead, she tightened the pressure even more and I found myself trapped in a figure 4 head scissor. My cousin Megan came in and she started giggling, and she joined in with a body scissor. She’s even smaller, only 5’ and 90lbs, but a gymnast. I couldn’t breathe anymore and begged them to stop. They did, and I got up…then they started making fun of me. They asked me if I wanted to wrestle the two of them, and I said no. After a few minutes of talking, they jumped on me anyway, and Kate took over with kicks to the stomach, knee lifts to the chest, and knocked me down with a clothesline. Megan jumped in with a head scissor from behind, and Kate waited for me to give. When I wouldn’t, she told Megan to let go, and Kate got me in a tight schoolboy pin, smothering and crushing my head between her thighs, controlling when I could breathe. Megan said Kate would let me go, only if I worshipped their feet. I said no, and Kate turned around and got me in a reverse head scissor, and I was screaming in pain. Kate said I was annoying her, so Megan sat down on my head, muffling my yells. Kate told Megan to get up, and Kate sat on my face until I gave up.