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Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only)

scissor dominance

Posted by madman on 2003-07-24 18:27:58

My girlfriend got me in a straight headscissors from behind. When she applied pressure, I had to submit. She was crushing my head. Rather than let me go, she just laughed at me and changed to a figure four scissors. With her hard calf against my throat, I could not even breathe. It was much worse than the first scissors. She kept me trapped for a long time, ignoring my submissions until she felt like letting me go.

Posted by MuscleGirlBrat on 2004-11-20 23:11:07

You're such a wimp! Real men don't submit like a little bitch and I'm sure your girlfriend has lost respect for you because you're so weak. I hope she has a great time beating you up and squeezing you half to death. Maybe next time she'll knock you out cold so she won't have to listen to your pathetic submissions. Hit the gym so you can take the punishment you SISSY!!

Posted by Jujitsu Kristen on 2004-12-01 04:56:48

Have you ever been in a scissor? I'm not sure that you have. You're a guy that i'd want to make pass out.

Posted by Coolvj on 2005-05-09 16:46:20

Whatever happens... Iam not sure a girl can hold on to a guy for a long time in a reverse scissor hold. I mean... it's a bit easy to break out of.

I managed to snap out of my mom's but i could not trap her he same way.

Posted by pendred on 2005-05-18 09:52:36

that's just sick. who'd wrestle their mum? All i can say is there must be a hell of a lot of weedy blokes out there. Come on, little girls beating up grown men? Get real.