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Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only)

gizzard grinder

Posted by Brad B on 2003-07-15 06:40:03

I was listening to a radio talk show on a local station. It was a few weeks ago when Annika Sorenstam had just been eliminated in the PGA tournament. The host asked if there was any sport that women could play as well as men. Most of the calls were not serious and I was losing interest. Finally a woman called and said "We have stronger legs! We are better dancers". The host agreed with her, sort of, but added that dancing is not a sport. A few minutes later another woman called and said "We do have stronger legs, we are better wrestlers than men." She mentioned using a "gizzard grinder" to defeat her boyfriend. It was in reference to a body scissors. I thought wow, she sounds like my type of woman. It was very exciting and I was hoping this would result in some lively discussion. Unfortunately the show was ending then. I listened the next day hoping he would have the same discussion, but it did not happen.