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Mixed wrestling scissors (guys only)


Posted by Mr Apollo on 2007-12-24 00:10:04

Today my sister had her friend Jenna over. The two girls, 14, are both a year younger than me (I'm a 15 y.o. guy). Eventually they came up to me and challenged me to a tag-team wrestling match. I agreed. They went to thongs and I went to Y-fronts.

First I was against my sister. She came at me but I grabbed her legs and pulled her down, before dragging her up again by the legs. I wrapped my legs around her head and brought both of us down, scissoring her. She kicked out and tagged Jenna, who dove forward onto me and dragged me off. My sister retreated.

I didn't struggle for a moment, wanting to find out how strong Jenna was. She had me on my back and was straddling me, but seemed unsure. After a moment she slid forward so her thighs were around my head and her crotch pressed up against my chin. I swung my legs up and wrapped them around her arms and chest, then began squeezing. Jenna struggled but her arms were pinned and I was squishing her $%!@ as well. She adjusted her position and ended up scissoring my face. I managed to get my hands out now and grabbed her $%!@ and squeezed them. Jenna squealed and I got her down. I put on a grapevine and held her arms down. She struggled, so I leant my face into her $%!@ and bit her nipples. I then moved into a sitting position on her neck.

I felt my sister's arms around my neck. I put a neckscissor on Jenna and reached around and grabbed my sister around the waist, pulling her off and pinning her down too. I forced submissions out of the two.

After I had I tied them back to back and spent a while putting my feet, $%!@ and arse in their faces. Then I scissored them both until they had passed out. To finish, I laid my sister on her back, stripped both girls naked, and put Jenna on top of my sister then tied them together. Jenna's face was in my sister's $%!@ and vice versa. I untied them two hours later.