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Boys humiliated by girls

humiliated by sister

Posted by maze : a sissy with a pu$$y on 2009-06-02 14:06:05

I am such a shameless little sl-ut.

Posted by maze : a sissy with a pu$$y on 2009-06-02 19:34:32

Ok. i will stop this. i got a little carried away. i won't talk about it anymore. But i am exactly what my name suggests. A sissy boy with a pu$$y and i will always be.

ok. i stop it.

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-06-02 19:46:31

Toa, that's not true. stop being so immature with all this hatred and intolerence of other people's interests. maze i think there are other polls for the family fantasies...

Posted by Billy5 on 2009-06-03 02:12:12

you're wishing people to die, just like you wished kitty to die before and then recently you said she's prob right, so you changed your mind. why are you wishing people to die b/c they have different interests than you? why is what he likes not an interest? who is he hurting by dong that? what if other guys thought you should die b/c you like to crossdress? really, what's the difference there? and what did i tell boypower? i never told him to die. he said that to me actually.

Posted by panbulmadbz on 2009-06-05 20:11:44

That's $%!@in gross I'm a girl and i would never kiss a $%!@ welcome to gay-la land.