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Boys humiliated by girls

Humiliation punishment for looking up our skirts!

Posted by Predikant on 2004-06-22 10:50:12

========== In Reply To ========== When I was at school we had quite a few guys who were continually trying to look up our skirt be it on the stairs, pretending to drop coins etc in the end myself and some other girls decided we needed to do something to teach these guys a lesson, as we couldn`t really take them all on or certainly not all at once we decided to target the guy we most considered the ringleader.

at the time we couldn`t make up our minds what to do but after a few discussions between the girls we thought as these boys are so interested in looking up our skirts to see our knickers we`d help him out. between us we got the guy on the ground and quickly proceeded to pin him down one of us sat on his legs, the other on his stomach and yet another pinning his arms and shoulders of course in this position he could get a good look at mthe girls pink knickers, we then asked him why he was so interested in looking up our skirts to which he replied "its just a bit of fun!" all the girls were laughing at this point and said "the funs just beginning!" the other girls were telling lyndsey who was pinning him to make him smell her knickers at this point she didn`t want to but after encouragement from the others she edged forward slightly so that her knickers were just touching his nose and told him to smell her underwear, of course the guy turned his head away from her knickers to avoid having to smell them but his head was quickly turned back into position and he was told in no uncertain terms to start smelling her knickers or else. after what seemed like an eternity at least for the guy lyndsey edged forward and got off him, but before he had chance to catch much breathe the second girl tanya said "he`s not getting off that lightly he can smell my knickers as well" at which point she edged forward pinning wayne (as he ws called) by the arms arms before forcing his nose into her knickers ready for phase 2. I almost felt sorry for the guy what with having to smell my pink knicks, tanya with baby blue knicks and his face bright red from the pressure but wayne had got this coming to him for a long time now. tanya at this point was taunting him telling him to take deep breathes and inhale her stale knickers, wayne was gagging and stacy was waiting for her turn.

It got to the stage where personally I thought we should have left him alone but stacy the third girl was determined she was going to make him smell her knickers as well, we told her that really he`d had enough and she didn`t need to make him suffer anymore, but she was having none of it. without even a fleeting glance waynes head disappeared under stacy`s skirt, deep breathes could be heard as if he was struggling for air when infact we all knew the only air he was going to get was the pungent smell of stacys knickers.

all in all he had to smell our knickers for roughly 40 minutes, of course we knew if he talked there would be repucussions from others so we told him if he stopped trying to look up our skirts none of us would make him smell our knickers anymore. however if he did talk todays little lesson would have been like a picnic compared to the length and amount of girls we would have got on him next time.

after our little warning no more peeping up our skirts was done and no mention of what happened to him was said, probably for fear of a repeat and the embarrassment of teasing from friends.

This guy was taught a lesson in no uncertain manner, and he deserved the punishment. If boys indulge in flipping up girls' skirts or trying to peep up them, then the guilty boys should be suitably punished. If girls suffer this treatment at school, it is probably best first of all to report the incident to a teacher, preferably a female teacher who should be sympathetic to the girl who has been humiliated in this way. The guilty boys can then be given a punishment which should be severe enough to ensure they do not repeat their vulgar behaviour. If teachers are not prepared to take action, then it may be necessary for girls (in groups?) to take action to teach the guilty boys a lesson which they do not forget.

Posted by meangirl on 2008-04-12 06:25:33

hatinggirls......well, at least you finally posted something that was almost, but niot quite, coherent. But still dumb.

Exactly HOW do you expect these girls to prove to you that their posts are factual? Where is YOUR proof that their posts are lies and B.S.? The burden of proof that their post are lies rests with YOU, not them, since you are the person claiming that you KNOW their posts are lies. Good luck putting together a coherent response that resembles something other than a monkey pounding keys on a keyboard, with incoherent results, which is what you have been doing for months.

Posted by Tip Wilkin on 2009-03-26 14:21:29

Of course, Rome was very nice to nations who submitted to her(Rome) and who let her control them and dominate them, and the countries who stood up to Rome and weren't afraid and petrified and scared and frightened and terrified of Rome and were not intimidated by Rome and do not submit to Rome, they are the ones who were humiliated by Rome which is how she(Rome again) maintained hegemony over the greater Mediterranean area for almost five hundred years.

My point is clear.

Posted by josh! on 2009-05-10 08:58:25

once i looked up a girls skirt, she pushed me against the wall and kneeded me in the balls. When i was down she pulled my trousers down and left

Posted by Tip Wilkin on 2009-05-28 14:26:14

"almost, but not quite coherent" ROFL.