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Boys humiliated by girls

nasty and naughty girls

Posted by gabriellaxymanja on 2021-02-01 04:55:40

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Posted by ScottDane on 2021-11-21 19:40:37

Having being humiliated most of my childhood, by family and other kids for being different, (weird as they called me) I was overweight (until I finally hit my growth spurt and 19). I was always called names by family and friends and humiliated. There were some kids in the neighborhood and they invited me to their house. I had a crush on one of the boy's older sister. There was the girl, her younger brother and two of his friends. I thought they wanted to be my friends, I was happy, because I didn't have any friends, I was 11. They stripped me and the girl spanked me and they all laughed at me. I couldn't get my clothes back until I held my hand under the hot water from the sink, for 10 seconds. It was a long afternoon and I went home crying. I was so humiliated that I wanted to die. I took a bottle of OTC panikillers, thinking they would kill me. They just made me sick. I avoided all of them, but they still found me to humiliate me. Going home after being humiliated to being chastised again, is no fun. One day They were being chased by older kids and ran to my house to hide. I told them no, my mom was due home so they left. My mom often left me home alone for a day or two and twice, for a week, while she went dancing and traveled a little bit. One night, they came over I was wearing some kind of super hero underoos and they stripped me and humiliated me. I grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the girl's brother in the arm and they left. He had to get stitches and his arm was in a sling. For the most part they left me alone after that. I still have periods of anger and the feeling of being humiliated, sometimes, until I want to die. You mentioned that you liked the boy and might have wanted to date him and that sounds like the reason that you are sorry, because it fouled up your chances, not because you humiliated him. You also mentioned that you still write notes to your friend. Do you remember those times fondly? What do you think that boy, thinks of those times? Do you think he still has the feeling of humiliation? Do you care? Take it from a pro, who was humiliated by just about everyone, growing up. It doesn't go away and sometimes it comes back with a vengeance. Humiliation, can kill.