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Boys humiliated by girls

nasty and naughty girls

Posted by maze : a sissy with a pu$$y on 2009-05-13 14:08:55

I know but i am a real p.ussy-boy. especially when i am physically and mentally as strong as a 6 year old girl. I have no hope, i feel like a boy with a p.ussy.

Posted by Baldeep on 2009-12-23 22:01:38


Please come strip me. I am a guy and deserve to be stripped buck naked and deserve to be felt up. Email me ASAP at bsjassi@hotmail.com. I have also sent an email to your Yahoo email, respond soon if you have received it.

Posted by Baldeep on 2009-12-23 23:22:00

We all screw up many times in our lives. I am really sorry that you have such a small mind and are unable to think outside of the box. What I did was wrong I admit, I don't really have a reason why I did it. I know that if I had/have a reason, it is not to chat up this Mandy person. You said her name is Amanda, judging by the name, she is not a Sikh. And you are so wrong about us Sikhs and how we have Mercedes and big houses and stuff... you watch too many movies and/or hear about stuff that isn't even real, unless of course you are a wealthy person. But I am not wealthy, I'm ok with what I have. I am not married and I didn't take this site to be serious. I am 20 and decided to 'join in on the fun' because I thought everyone was joking around on here. If she thinks I deserve it, she can make that decision. I assume she is old enough to do what she feels is right. I'm sorry you took this personally or whatever. And just so you're not more confused, I am not gay or homosexual or whatever u said. All you have to do is tell me, and I will stop posting stuff like this.

Posted by Baldeep on 2009-12-24 00:15:45

I live in Canada, Ontario.

Posted by Baldeep on 2009-12-24 01:30:58

I've been to Ohio, we have a family friend there. I am really sorry about all that before. Maybe I shouldn't ask this, but I am just curious. Assuming that Mandy is a girl, not a Sikh girl, do you think she would do it to me?