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Boys humiliated by girls

nasty and naughty girls

Posted by crawfish on 2003-12-27 21:41:25

This is a better poll than most. Some desintegrate into shouting matches. I've posted this experience on one of the tied up polls describing my brothers and me capturing and terrorizing boys my age or younger.

My brothers provided the muscle as they were big and athletic. I was the tormentress. We devised a capture the flag game that was very elaborate and always involved stipping our prisoners and subjecting them to mild torture with a strong dose of humiliation. Most of our victims played along willingly and were boys my age (11-13) or slightly younger.

Eventually we'd recruit one or two boys to our side if we liked them and they earned our respect. I eventually brought in another girl to help with my part. Once a boy was captured, my brothers would turn him over to me and Karen. Then we'd tell him what we were going to do to him, take him down into a root cellar we called our "dungeon" and strip him to his underpanties. Then we'd bring him up to be tickled, spanked, and tied up by us and my brothers. Occasionally, we'd blindfold our boy and take him out to the road and expose him in just his underoos or white briefs. We had to be careful about that as we could catch holy hell if the neighbors reported us.

This went on for 2-3 years, even in the winter we so enjoyed it. I think I probably "did" a dozen boys, maybe 15 this way. Some were repeats. Most enjoyed it I think, though there were tears and plenty of humiliation for all of us to revel in. As we lived in a neighborhood where a lot of grandkids and nephews came visiting for the summer, we had a good supply of victims.

My friend Karen and I used to talk about this a lot and plot capturing boys that we wanted 1) to see in their underpants and 2) to witness them crying when we started to do things to them. If the boy cried, it was more exciting. I remember one repeat favorite who would start crying as soon as we took him down in the dungeon. Most were passive and if they got mad, my brothers would remind them they agreed to play the game, knew they could get stripped if captured and that something worse, like getting beat up, might happen if they didn't cooperate with us girls or cussed at us. It was pretty hard for a boy to not become emotional and humiliated when there were 3-4 boys and us two girls working them over. I learned boys could have erections easily and unpredictably.

My older brother quit the game when he became a junior in high school, and we stopped the year I became a freshman. It was fun while it lasted and Karen I still ahare notes on those days.

One incident though, kind of soured us that last summer we played. We'd captured an older boy who I liked and thought was cute. First, we put him through the dungeon and everything seemed all right. We tied him to a tree wearing just his skimpy briefs and began interrogating him, asking if he had ever been stripped by a girl, if he'd ever been this embarrassed before, if he played with himself, if he was afraid of what else we were going to do to him in the way of torture. Karen could be pretty intimidating with her interrogation and examination, more so than me. She paid special attention to any boys showing arousal, and when this one did, she stared asking him if he was going to $%!@. Within the minute, we all watched stunned as his orgasm began and throughly wet the front of his briefs. This had never happened with the younger kids. Then, when he told us through his tears that we were cruel, it bothered me as I thought this boy might like me in high school and this spoiled it. I kind of mended my ways after that and the game became history. pat "crawfish" crawford at patcrawford2003@yahoo.com

Posted by mandy44fun on 2007-05-11 20:47:31

Loved your stories.

I too have enjoyed stripping boys.

I especially love the look on their faces when they realize that they are about to get stripped.


Posted by McKinsey on 2007-05-29 13:35:58

I've been stripped by girls and although it was many years ago it's something i will never forget. When i was no more than ten, my oldest sister and a group of her friends, a couple of which she still knows, found it highly amusing to stand me on the kitchen worktop and strip me naked. I remember shaking uncontrollably with fright and embarrassment, but it didn't stop them pulling, prodding and laughing at me.

Posted by johnney on 2007-09-12 05:28:10

mandy you are onr sick cow.

Posted by JackMcCann on 2008-01-08 00:16:51

From my own experience the guy is most humiliated by being stripped naked, spanked, and having fingers or other things stuck up his butt by his female tormentors. Guys think their butts, especially their hole, are private, and they hate it when girls use his butt for their fun. Especially a dildo.

Being made to dress up in girls' clothes and stuff like that is child's play by comparison.