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Boys humiliated by girls

Surprised and Humiliated by Girlfriend

Posted by Ron2cool on 2018-04-06 01:48:36

My girlfriend pantsed me in front of her sisters and a few of her friends at school. They were quite amused and entertained. I was the only guy hanging around the girls at the time, so my girlfriend thought it would be hilarious if she de-pantsed her boyfriend Ron in front of her sisters and friends in the school corridor. So she quietly snuck up behind me, knelt down, and pulled my jeans down as hard as she could, all the way down around my ankles. She pulled really hard on my jeans and with my belt fastened tightly, she ended up taking my boxers down to my ankles with my jeans. A pretty female teacher in a dress was also walking by when she saw my girlfriend pull down my jeans. She blushed for me and was almost laughing when she gave my girlfriend a warning for harassment. My girlfriend had a good laugh at me, she loves humiliating me, especially in front of other girls.