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Boys humiliated by girls

My Humiliation: Is It Excusable?

Posted by SmallPenisSissy on 2018-02-13 04:47:53

I am a high school student. My high school gets out at tbhe same time as the elementary school I live by. One day while I'm walking home a group of seven 8-year-olds passed me and started giggling. I thought nothing of it until 30 seconds later thet all jump on my back and drag me to a secluded tree house. There they told me to strip naked. I said no. This is where I hit a moral dilemma. They all started crying.

I felt terrible like any good person. So to get them to stop, I went down to my underwear, which embarassingly, was a pair of my sister's pink nylon panties. They almost die laughing. Eventually they make me take them off and that's where the "fun" started.

First:I was told to spread my legs and bend over. They then start shoving fingers up my a s s. They start with one but end on three.

Second: They started spanking me. They conted 500+ hits.

Third: At this point they make me stand again. Then they start kicking my bare balls and laughing at my tears.

Fourth: Then they discover my inch long p e n i s. They twist and bite it. I am impotent so it stays small.

Fifth: Still naked, I am led down the road to the high school cheer practice. I give them horsey rides in front of the sexy cheerleaders who have all had sex with the biggest guy at school and think my small member is hilarious.

I am new to this area and guaranteed no friends because the cheer squad took photos and posted them all over Instagram.

Sixth: Their queen arrives. One of the older sisters. She inspects me and laughs. Before long all I see are her two GORGEOUS butt cheeks.

Seventh: She sends me home. Still naked.

Eighth: The only way to get my clothes back is to join the cheer squad. Which I do.

That's my story. Boys and Girls: Please message what you thought of my choices. Girls only: Tell me what you would have done differently. Thank you and may the Female Race Reign Supreme.

Posted by Tickled Boy on 2018-08-30 03:13:00

Oh, don't be a blithering idiot.

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