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Boys humiliated by girls

Humiliated by Girlfriend

Posted by JB James on 2013-07-20 23:05:02

About a week ago, my girlfriend and I fought over which restaurant we were going to have dinner at. So, I being three inches taller than her height of 5'8 and almost eighty pounds heavier than she, suggested that we wrestle to decide where to go. I took off my shirt, opting to wrestle in baggy athletic shorts and she stayed in her clothes, a corset top and miniskirt, though she removed her shoes. I looked her over for a few seconds before charging. I grabbed her thighs, lifting her into the air in hopes of slamming her down. She had other ideas, clamping her toned legs around my waist and squeezing. To make things worse, her arms wrapped around my head, pulling me to her chest and smothering me with her D-Cup breasts. My nose rested just above the cutoff of her top, nestled firmly into her cleavage and cutting off all air possible. As her python grip on my midsection grew more painful, I stumbled back and fell to the ground, so that I laid on my back. She relinquished her headscissors and breast smother and I greedily gulped up air, instead of attempting to dislodge her from my body. She crawled up onto my neck, her knees pinning down my arms, and giggled. "That was quick! Just admit that you lost to a girl and I'll let you up!" "Never!" I snarled, starting to buck. She just laughed and spun around, her rear on my chin. As she scooted back, it be became obvious that she had neglected to wear panties. "Kiss my $%!@ three times or your your your manhood gets it!" She threatened. After a few seconds, she slammed her fist into my member, making me scream in pain. She scooted further back, so that my nose was in her crack and said, "Forget about dinner, I have a special meal planned just for you!" As she said that, a warm, repugnant blast of air hit my face and I gagged. "Enjoying the breeze?" She mocked. After more flatulence, I gave in and kissed her rear. She laughed and shrieked, "So sorry sweetie, but that ship has sailed!" Suddenly, she shifted and I could see something other the darkness of being under her skirt. Her legs snaked around mine and spread painfully far apart. Then, her hands intertwined with mine and reached far above my head. As I regained my vision, impaired by the farts, the blinding red of her corset came into view, and the familiar feeling of being smothered returned. A few moments later, black spots began appearing and she brought both of my hands above my head, holding them there with one hand so she could force me to be further smothered in her cleavage. As my eyes closed, I heard her say, "Night, night, baby. Sweet dreams." When I woke, I felt one side of my face being mashed into the ground. I groaned and she jiggled her bottom a bit, further humiliating me. She was sitting comfortably on the side of my face, farting away. "Sorry babe, I had Mexican food as celebration after I kicked your $%!@." She rolled off of me, before tucking my chin in between her thighs and squeezing. As she flicked the forehead of my red face, she giggled. "You're lucky you're cute." She said.