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Boys humiliated by girls

Got a loogie on my face

Posted by Cpms30v on 2013-06-01 04:06:57

Two weeks ago i was walking home trough the local park. It was evening and saw 2 drunk chicks sitting on a bench. Both hot blondes about 19-25 years old. The one of them gave me a boner (tight jeans, naked tummy, short t shirts), so i sat on the bench not far from them. I could hear them talking crap about people and lauging. 10 minutes later they stud up and started to walk towards me, i took my phone and was ready to take some nice pictures when they comes closer. Suddenly, the hottest one comes so close to me, i couldnt resist, so grabbed her but. She screamed, jumped, and both of them started laughing. Both stopped, turned back, came to me closer, and the one i grabbed, coughed, and spat a loogie in my face and jumped away laughing, the other chick also spat her chewing gum at me, and both went away laughing.

Posted by kleines_biest on 2013-07-01 12:01:17

Well done, but they should have taken your phone and trashed it ... far more efficient.