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Boys humiliated by girls

How I was shown that girls are better than boys

Posted by Postcard Writer on 2012-06-24 15:07:34

During the past few months I have now realised girls are the superior sex. There are small group of girls (around six) that walk home from school the same way I do. They are around 11 - 12 years old (I'm 15) and occasionally give me hard time during school breaks. One day while walking home one of them started walking backwards in front of me and started talking to me. I don't remember what she was saying but I was distracted listening to her and I didn't notice two of girls walking up behind me. Most of these girls were much stronger than the weak male I am so the two behind me picked me up dragged me into a grassy shaded area next to the path I was walking on with ease.

They threw me to the ground and surrounded me. "How pathetic" I remember one of them saying. They said they needed to teach me that girls are better than boys before it's too late. I remember saying something disrespectful to them like "$%!@ off" and tried to leave but of course they quickly caught me. The largest punched me in the stomach and two of them punched my crotch and I was on the floor. They all were laughing while they started to strip me naked. They then got permenant markers and red lipstick out and started writing things like "loser" and "sissy boy" on me. This lasted for around five minutes until they made me kiss their butts and lick their shoes. While I was doing this one of them was taking pictures and filming me.

They have now make me do their homework and spend two hours at their house serving and getting humiliated by them. If I don't then they'll show the whole school the pictures and video of me naked. But I don't care. I like serving becuase it's my duty as a pathetic boy to serve my beautiful superior princesses.

Posted by Da man66 on 2012-09-13 03:12:27

Im 15 too dude and have to do that too but not any more only if you want I took a knife stabbed her took the phone ran out went to the next stabbed and swore to kill her if she told broke the phones and all worrys gone your life will be ruined right if they do that right and parents ran past them did plan in 10seconds I did that because I didn't want my life to be ruined but for yo this what you do take a knife to school keep it in locker when you get off the bus tell the girls I have an idea of what you could do to me lead them to the shady area once there pull out knife stab them take there phones break them some how if they blame the stbbing just what no I didn't you always tease you just want me to get in trouble and keep denying look at me I'm still in the real world and live life now and bye the way keep a knife on you in case it happens again and this you can stab them and they won't wont torture you message me if you want to go with my plan I guide you through.and remember this could relieve you so you don't have to worry anymore.

Posted by carvalito on 2012-10-08 12:11:52

that is the rigth way, female is supreme, please tell me more about your life it's pretty intresting.

Posted by ADDc on 2014-06-26 12:18:24

I had to strip naked in front of my three stepsisters in the bath room. Two of them was older then me and one was a year younger. My stepfather says they could learn how a boy look like, and the two oldest one could wash me if they wanted. They was to hard to me but it dosent sense, one day i got a new red wide wale corduroy pants they dident fit and a belt with a big bucle how looks like a girls beltand i was forced to use them, some days after it my mom had by a nother red wide wale corduroy pant. Couse she wanted i could learn me to use the clotes they give me. The girls was so happy for that.