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Boys humiliated by girls

Getting pinned down by girls

Posted by fiery on 2011-10-17 22:33:53

Seize the bull by the horns ! (cow by the teats? no that doesnt work lol)

Go up to her and beg her to do it, tell her it turns you on and you're desparate for it. It might make her stop if she thinks you're going to like it, and if not, well, it was going to happen anyway. And truth to tell part of you does like it, right? Or you'd have done something about it, reporting to the police or some other vengeance.

And at least you wont be wondering any more

Posted by Laverne93 on 2011-11-12 17:13:42

I beat up a wimpy guy once. It was fun for me, but I don't think it was much fun for him. =P

Posted by Laverne93 on 2011-11-15 05:59:09

Ever considered working out?

Posted by Laverne93 on 2011-11-16 02:05:13

I recommend that you start lifting some weights, buff yourself up a little. It looks good, for one thing, and you'll be stronger, so you won't be pushed around that easily.

Posted by Laverne93 on 2011-11-16 06:53:15

Hard to explain, there's something about you guys that practically screams "kick me". Size doesn't really matter, I know several guys who are shorter than average, but they got muscles of steel and balls of iron. Nobody tells them what to do. But if you do some bodybuilding and work up some confidence, you cal tell that bi** to go f*** herself.