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Boys humiliated by girls

My personal experience wrestling a girl.

Posted by Chumbawumbafan07 on 2011-05-16 05:05:22

I wrestled in high school. Let me just preface this story by saying that It's been years since I've wrestled so the rules are kind of fuzzy. So if I say something that doesn't make sense, I'm probably just remembering some details wrong. But the important parts are all true.

One match I was paired against this pretty brunette girl (I don't remember the weight division exactly but I know I was roughly in the low to mid 130's at the time). She didn't even look that big, in fact the ref asked us each what our weight was and went back to the coaches to make sure there wasn't a mistake. After all, no one wants to see a girl get manhandled by some guy bigger than her.

Seeing that the ref. expected me to win just by looking at us, I got $%!@y, and took this time to psyche my opponent out. I smiled a friendly smile and said something like "Ready to be pinned, bitch?" She said nothing but her expression turned cold as the referee came back.

It turned out even though she was smaller than me we were the same weight. I shouldn't have underestimated her.

The whistle blew and damn she was quick. She got me with a single-leg takedown and I was quickly on my back, but managed to twist to my stomach.

We struggled back and forth a while then at one point we had to reposition. But I was given the option to pick top or bottom. I picked top so I could assert control and put her away quickly like I should have already.

She assumed the position on all fours and I knelt behind her. I put one hand on her arm hovered the other arm near her waist, (actually touching with this hand would signal the match to start up again). It was within these few seconds that I became very aware I was wrestling a girl. It was only now I was that close to her without being caught up in the moment of wrestling her and I realized she had put on perfume before the match. This kind of made me a little weak in the knees I think.

Anyway, I started the match and she quickly struggled out just enough to take charge and put me on my back again. Luckily I managed to struggle back and forth with her for control and hold her off enough to make it out of bounds.

They repositioned us and I was given the choice to pick top or bottom again. I was definitely behind on points and needed the pin to win, so I should have picked top again, but then I saw her. Pretty girl, hot and sweaty, that determined look in her eye. Knowing she had been pretty much control of me this entire match, I didn't even think about it I just kind of got onto my knees in position.

It was almost as if I knew what was gonna happen and just accepted it.

It turns out she knew it to.

Just before the whistle blew, I heard her whisper, "You ready?", she was clearly rubbing my earlier gloating in my face. She was really asking me, "You ready to be pinned, bitch?"

In an instant I was sent face-forward into the mat and she immediately began putting me away. After much struggling and managing to stay on all fours she finally switched tactics and brought her right hand back behind and in between my legs. No I don't know if this was on purpose or not but her hand definitely brushed my groin as it wrapped around my inner-thigh.

I completely forgot about the match and from there she was able to roll me onto my side and then back with her on top. I tried bridging and rotating my body to escape she just wrapped her arms around my waist, parallel to me with her head facing my legs.

Again, I can't say if this was on purpose or not but her crotch was directly on my face. As I tried to twist my head side to side I could hear a chant from the audience, (mostly female), of "Pin, Pin, Pin!" It was then I knew it was over as she over powered me into the mat.

The whistle blew and the female cheers were deafening. She took her sweet time getting off of me and as she stood over me she took a second to raise her arms in celebration. I avoided looking at the girl who kicked my $%!@ only to turn my head and see the scoreboard. With all the reversals and takedowns she outscored me y at least 12 points. I was totally defeated, first in points and then pinned by this pretty girl that even the ref thought I would beat.

As I went to shake her hand she pulled me in for a hug. Everyone else saw the "gracious winner" congratulating her opponent. Only I was close enough to hear her whisper into my ear with this sexy voice,

"Who's the bitch now?"

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2011-09-20 00:34:55

you liar Chumin, i don't believe trust your story made up bull s hit lies and or crap, in your dreams Chumin, only in your dreams!!!! i doubt you have proof to back up your fantasy fiction story, you dont have no any evidence, do you Chumin????!!!! doo yoo!!!!

Posted by gethewil on 2011-10-02 07:13:51

Why?There are lot of girls stronger then boys,or are you such a person who thinks all boys are stronger then all girls?Wake up man,this is 2011.There are nowadya more girls working out in the gym then boys.Most of the boys only think about games,while girls work out because of the sports they are doing.

Posted by fiery on 2011-10-12 06:17:27

I agree - hell when I was a teenager my little sister (2 years younger) played lots of baseball and had bigger biceps than me, so she found it pretty easy to beat me up when she felt like it.