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Boys humiliated by girls

Nudity as Punishment

Posted by gabriellaxymanja on 2021-11-04 03:33:39

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Posted by JONGEN on 2021-11-27 01:39:03

yea . i had a baby sitter when i was 15 and she was 13 and she saw my erection evry time she sat . never cover your penus . it doesnt make any sense . its like covering your arm or leg . having a penus and ballbag is the most normal thing in the world . if you cover it the baby sitter still gonna know you have one

Posted by OnederingY on 2021-11-27 20:28:45

Jongen - I agree. If you are nude, whether by choice or by rule, it's much better to accept it and act normally. If you act normally, those around you will start to do so as well. Why were you being watched by a 13 year old? Did she satisfy her curiosity about boys while with you?

Posted by JONGEN on 2021-11-30 22:01:29

hi . mom got her to babysit me from a friend i think . well she saw my erection and she did hold it when she was drying me . but other wise she didnt do any thing a normal baby sitter would