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Boys humiliated by girls

Nudity as Punishment

Posted by otty on 2011-01-07 13:25:20

Does anyone think that boys and guys should be punished by nudity in front of girls if they misbehave in school or as a punishment for crime?

Posted by Jack555 on 2011-01-09 18:37:40

Hi otty, although i am going back a good few years now. I was punished with nudity by a woman i used to work for. When i was in my early teens i used to look after her dogs and clean their kennels out after school. i started doing some extra work for her like cleaning around the house and washing her car for her at the weekend. One saturday i was washing her car and she called out the window and told me to come indoors and bring her a cup of coffee upstairs, when i got there she was stood naked..yuk, she was not a nice sight. She was in her late 40's, overweight and damn ugly, i was terrified. I politely as i could said thanks but no thanks, as i was too young, and went back outside. Everything seemed fine and i carried on looking after the dogs and doing jobs for her. Afew weeks later she had her niece and her best friend come and stay with her for a week and she wanted me to show them around the area, which i did and it was fine except they teased me a lot, being a couple of years older than me. The woman i worked for said that she was going to take us all out to the shops and treat us. The friday evening i went round to clean the kennels and she told me to come indoors and say hello to the girls, which i did. While stood in the living room she told me that she was going to buy me some t-shirts and jeans at the shops. You can probably guess what i'm going to say...she wanted to measure me. She insisted i took my jacket and shoes off, which i did. She started measuring me but then made a fuss because i didnt stand perfectly still. She got really annoyed and said she wanted to measure me properly. She grabbed my jumper and tshirt and yanked them off over my head. Then my jeans were undone and pulled down. And then my underwear. She made me step out of them. I stood stark naked and shaking like a leaf, while she made a meal of measuring me infront of her niece and her friend, laughing at me. I was terrified but just stood there while she made a complete fool of me.

Although i hadnt done anything wrong and didnt deserve to be punished, It didnt stop me working for her. She never touched me again but i did work infront of her in her house completely naked, a few times for extra money, but she never paid me anything extra.

Posted by otty on 2011-01-12 14:26:34

I remember a woman like that who used to hire a boy to do chores around the house and she gave him extra money to do the chores naked.

Posted by Jack555 on 2011-01-13 16:37:03

He was lucky she paid him the extra money. The woman i worked for promised she would double what i normally earned for the time that i worked naked for her, but she didn't. I suppose it was more her intention to double up on humiliating me.

Posted by madlady60 on 2011-04-27 03:05:02

Yes when I was in fifth grade a boy was stripped naked and made to stand in front of all us girls It was catholic school and all us girls got a good look I enjoyed it Lee