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Boys humiliated by girls

The invite part 3

Posted by randypandy on 2011-01-03 08:11:26

CHAPTER 5 Back to the camp.

It was now the first week of June and over two weeks had passed since my ordeal, with not a word from any of them. Then one lunchtime Nigel, Simon, and Paul found me. Nigel said the girls are bored and need to play with a $%!@. Well it's not going to be mine I said. We know it is said Paul. Just you look at the photos, handing me a set of about ten. I looked at them, I was nude in them all. The water bottle between my legs, toothpaste on my $%!@, and worst of all, a boy $%!@ in my mouth. Just some of the good ones said Simon, adding Ann is going to sell some around the school, if you do not come to the camp tomorrow night at six. Okay tell her not to sell any, I will come, but please no night-light under my $%!@ this time. I will tell Ann he said, but she dose wast she likes. Please no night- light it was so painful. Well Nigel said you was so stubborn, if you just got on with it the girl's wouldn't have need to be so ruff. I added if she uses it again I will tell the police what you get up to at the camp. The next day at around six I made my way to the camp, along the unmade road, throw wood across the stream, and then up into the camp. Nigel and Simon were all reed there, but there was no sine of the girls, or Paul. Are the girls coming I asked. Ho yes said Simon at about six thirty. Paul then arrived, he most have been following me all the way in, just in case I turned around and went back, or some think. It's aright he said adding he been on his own all the way. Let's get on with it then, get stripped down to your paints Nigel said. I stripped off, and the boys tied me between the trees as before. Soon after the girls arrived, Ann Sue Jane plus two new girls. This is Cindy and Claire said Ann, as she groped me. He was a good boy last time, but you are going to be even better this time. She then added, yes that's right Cindy is one of the girls that you keep pestering. Cindy then said I hope you have been practising your gobbling technique, I would love to see it. No Ann please not that, I beg you not that I said. Why did you come sow willingly if you didn't wont to play the game said Jane. I added I am not going to do that again no way, I don't mind being striped and played with, but please no gobbling. We will see a bout that said Sue as she put a canvas bag on the ground behind me. She then went with Ann to chat to the boys. Jane told Cindy and Claire that It was all right to give me a grope, but not to drop my pants. Cindy got straight to work pulling and twisting my $%!@ about, but Claire how was a lot younger than the other girls perhaps only nine or ten years old, just stood to one side. Jane took hold of Clare's hand and put it on my leg, it's Okay Claire just think of him as a toy. Cindy let Claire have a little feel of him now. Jane then moved Clare's hand slowly on to the leg my pants, then up on to my knob, it's Okay it's only a toy for us girls to play with. It's wet she said quietly, has he $%!@ his self. No said Jane it isn't wee-wee, she then explained that when a boy gets sexually aroused his $%!@ gets hard, and a small amount of thick sticky dribble comes out. Cindy now took hold of Clare's hand and worked it around my ball and $%!@, saying do you know what a boy $%!@ look like. Yes I have seen drawings of boy's in my sister's books, but I have never seen a boy nude she said softly. The boy's made their way out of the camp, Ann and Sue returned, Sue saying how is my little sister then, as she patted Claire on the back. Okay I have groped him she said with more confidence in her voice. Then handing Cindy the scissors Ann said no time to wast cut them pants off. Ho he is a hairy one Cindy said as my pants hit the ground. Sue took hold of Clare's hand and placed it on my $%!@, saying there you are I toll you a boy would be nude, and that you would be able to touch him. Claire said, Jane told me to think of him as a toy. Sue added it might at times look like we are hurting him but its all a game, most boy like playing naughty games any way. Ann then whispered in my ear after last time we know that you can swallow spunk, so no spiting it out today. Then the canvas bag was opened, and Ann removed the ball ring. Jane and Sue set about attaching it to me as before, Jane holding my $%!@ out of the way and Sue fixing the ring on. Now the cord was attached, and I was pulled down to my knees as before. Claire and Cindy both watched closely, as Ann attached a thick but small carrier bag to the ring, then turning to Claire she said your first job is to fill the bag with stones from around the camp. Claire shot of a round the camp looking for stones. Sue then removed a one litre bottle of water from the canvas bag, the bottle had been modified by adding a twenty inch long strap to it's neck, and a cord near it's bottom. The strap was put over my neck, the bottle was then tied to my chest using the cord. Claire returned putting some stones in to the bag then scampered off to fin some more. Then from the bag Ann removed a gag, to with a small pipe had been added, she soon had me gagged. It was a good all round fit, but just to make shore of it a wide leather belt was put over the top. Sue Jane and Cindy where doing some think behind my back, soon a pipe was past over my shoulder. Claire returned putting more stones in to the bag, then scampered off. Sue can you clip this movement detector too his scrotum said Cindy Okay for a test said Cindy from behind me, Ann pulled on the bag of stones. This movement was detected, and I herd a humming sound from behind me, then water came from the pipe over my shoulder. Claire returned but Ann stopped her from putting the stones in the bag, saying put them on the ground for now, then get some more. Off Claire ran. Cindy now removed the bottle top and put one on that had two pipes coming from it, it's reedy said Cindy. Well done said Ann it look good, Cindy joined the pipe work up, saying the one from the bottom of the bottle goes to the gag. Then she slapped me hard on the bum, the pump pushed water up in to bottle. Ann said drink the bottle day and you can go home. I sucked on the pipe in the gag drinking as fast as I could, a litre was a lot to drink quickly, but I must try. The girls all started putting the stones into the bag, more and more the bag pulled on my balls, it was getting painfully but I must keep still, and drink at the same time. A big stone was dropped into the bag, I jumped a little the pump started and a good mouthful of water entered the bottle. I must keep still I told myself, and drink. At last the girls ran out of stones, Cindy and Sue went around the back of me Sue returning with the toothpaste in her hand. I heard Cindy adjusting some think behind me. Quick Sue Ann said he has nearly drunk it all, Sue put a big dab of paste on my foreskin and $%!@ed it in. I regaled and the pump started up, the bottle was nearly full by the time I had settled down. Cindy retuned and gave the thumbs up sign to Ann. Claire $%!@e the paste in a bit said Ann. Sue showed Claire three way of holding a boy $%!@ when $%!@ing him. Claire when for the thumb on top and the fingers underneath hold, her technique was not good, but I was soon regaling around. That's long enough Claire said Sue. I had just about drunk a quarter of the bottle, but now it was going to be full again. The water was now filling the bottle up, just before the pump stopped I noticed, that the water in the pipe coming over my shoulder was a yellowish colour. Cindy then told me that she had switched the water for urine, and if I move any more the urine will go down in to the bottle and get mixed with the water. I must drink it all now I told myself, but by now I must have drunk about one and a half litres, I would need to do a pee myself soon, I must try and drink it all. Ann whispered in my ear some time soon you will need to go wee-wee. We don't wont to stand in puddle of $%!@, so we are not going to let you go. The girls then started to fit a cap on my $%!@. Sue and Jane held me still, as Ann and Cindy fitted the cap on to my helmet. From the centre of the cap a pipe went down in to my urethra for a bout two inches. The cap was soon on the slowly a rod was pushed in side the pipe, this opened it up and blocked my waterway. Claire said I don't understand what doses the cap do. Sue let me go an explained that boys $%!@ comes out of their $%!@s. I know that said Claire, adding so he will not beadle to pee. He can try but it;s well capped off said Jane. Claire giggled then said, but why stop him from going to wee-wee. The game we want him to play is naughty and will be unpleasant for him said her big sister, adding so we need to persuade him to do it. I had just about drunk a quarter of the bottle no way was I going to drink it all so I stopped trying. My need to $%!@ was getting grater by the minuet. The girls all senses this and stood around giggling, he must need to go soon said Cindy, poring water on the ground in front of me. Ann explained to Claire he cannot pass any $%!@ so it will get more and more uncomfortable for him, and he will start to move about to hold it back. If he moves the pump will start up said Claire. Yes so it will said Sue, adding he will get to drink girls urine then, watered down at first but soon getting stronger and stronger. Cindy whispered in my ear, I work all this out, good isn't it, no need for the night-light this time. I know that you are going to suck the boys off for me.

CHAPTER 6 Not again.

Look how is coming right on time it's the boys Nigel Simon Paul you like Paul's $%!@ I hear, Tom and Sam as well, five today how are you going to manage all that spunk. I needed a pee, I was now beginning to hold it back, I regaled a little the pump did not start up, then I regaled again this time the pump did started up. That's good whispered Cindy the urine is now mixing with the water. The pump stopped just as the bottle was getting full. Ann said that's a shame just a little longer and you would have got a nice little drink. Cindy whispered in my ear, I know spunk is not nice, but this pee is horrid trust me, if you say that you will suck all five boys off now, you will not need to taste it. Two minuets past, the boys started to get restless, and call Ann over. She returned saying that if we cannot get him to do it soon, one of us will need to do it instead. Cindy whispered in my ear, go on then $%!@ if you can, as she pulled on my $%!@. The pipe inside my $%!@ dug in, and I jumped the pump started up. Look girls the mix is moving up the pipe said Jane. Ann then said it's getting near the top, adding it will soon be in your mouth. Slowly it began to run out on to my tong, it horrid taste made me gag. It was not possible to get any of the mixture to run out of my mouth, so I was forest to drink it. The girls stood around giggling as I was made to drink mouth full after mouth full. The mixture was slowly getting stronger, as more urine mixed with the water. The pipe in the gag seem to have two outlets, one positioned at the back of my mouth, and one over the tip of my tong. Cindy whispered in my ear, such the boys, I signalled no. The mixture was getting stronger and stronger by now it must have been about 10% urine. A bitter taste fill my mouth, Cindy whispered suck the boys. Again I signalled no. The mixture was still coming up in to my mouth, and getting stronger by the second 15% then 20% soon it was up to about 25%. Ann said look how yellow the mix is getting now girls. Cindy whispered suck them, again I signalled no. The mixture just keep on coming, 30% urine 40% . What happens if he can take neat $%!@ said Ann. By now the mixture was about 50% urine. What happens then said Ann. He will give in before then said Cindy. She whispered suck the boys, again I signalled no. More and more it just keep on coming, it was getting harder and harder to drink now as it got thicker and thicker. Cindy whispered why not suck it will only get stronger. I nodded yes. She whispered all five of them. I nodded. See I tolled you Ann, he only got to about 70% No way would he drink neat $%!@, well not the first time any way. She stopped the pump, and made me swallow what was in my mouth, Sue then removed the gag. Ann called out to the boys, bring the platform over, he reedy for you now. Soon Nigel and Simon where pushing the platform between my open legs. Ann said how is going first then. Simon said that he was first, as he got his $%!@ out, and jumped up on the platform all in one move. Cindy whispered in my ear no peeing for you until the boys have all $%!@, so I suggest that you get on with it. Please let me have a wee first please I said. Jane said no get sucking, adding is it just uncomfortable or is it getting painfully yet? It very uncomfortable you now it is I said. Not long then and you will be in some pain. Then it will get so painful that you will not be able to hold it back, and you will try to $%!@. Just you think about how, doing a $%!@ but little getting out will fill. I suggest that you get on with it. I opened my mouth wide, Simon put his $%!@ in, and I closed my lips around it. The taste of his $%!@ was so-so sweet after all that urine. I begin to work on him, in-out in-out in-out went my lips over his helmet. In-out in-out in-out, Claire went to her sister and said is he going to wee-wee in his mouth. No said Sue not wee-wee, adding the boy is sucking on his knob to make him $%!@. My lips were now covered in dribble as I $%!@ed him with my mouth, I sucked hard on him and all at once he climaxed. Ann whispered don't stop suck on, and don't swallow it down yet. In-out in-out went my lips over his now rapidly softening $%!@. As he pulled his $%!@ out of my mouth Ann said now lick the residue from the end of his helmet, then you can swallow it down. Claire missed all of this as she was quizzing Sue, make him $%!@, I do not understand she said. Cindy and Sue then started to explain about boy's $%!@s and ejaculations, and how I was sucking on his $%!@ to make him have one. By now I was working hard on Tom, he was just about to go when he said. Little girl look at my $%!@ and you will see me $%!@. Sue quickly moved Claire to within two foot of my face, and holding her around the shoulder, bobbed down next to her. Whispering look at his $%!@, no don't look at me, watch his $%!@. Tom's timing was excellent he pulled his $%!@ right out of my mouth just as his first jet left the end. It hit me just under my left eye. A second jet hit me on the top lip then a third just about reached my open mouth. I put my tong out and licked all over his helmet. Claire said is that white stuff spunk then. Sue whispered yes, he came all over his face didn't he. By the time that Claire had asked her big sister, Where dose spunk come from? What is it for? Did he eat the fist boys spunk and is it tasty? I was working like a steam train on Nigel's $%!@ in-out in-out in-out. Sue whispered to Claire spunk is made in the boys balls, and yes he swallowed it all. Then she put her hand out and took a dab of spunk from my face, just try this little bit. Claire put her tong out and Sue smeared it on. Claire spat it out, and said it's horrible. She was now getting vary upset so Cindy bobbed down next to her as well, Why are the boys doing that to him? It's not nice, it's horrid stop them. Sue whispered in Claire ear, how much do you like riding on your pony. Claire said softly very very much. Well it the same for the boy being sucked, he likes being sucked very much. Adding their not hurting the other boy, he is just eating some think that is not nice. Mother makes us eat cabbage that's horrid. I was finishing Nigel off by now, only two more to do. When Claire said what douse spunk do. Ann said tell your sister then Sue. Up steeped Sam his $%!@ bent up at the end. I opened my mouth to take him in, as I did Claire said giggling look he got a mouth full of cabbage. She was now back happily watching me suck Sam off. Tell you sister about it then Sue. Sue then explained about $%!@ing and sucking a boy off, and about having sexual intercourse with a boy, and how spunk can make a girl pregnant. In-out in-out, went Sam's $%!@. Girls let boys do that said Claire. You must only have intercourse when you trust the boy said Sue. Adding most boys would pull a girls knickers down, and do it if given half a chance. The boy that's tided up was always looking up girls dresses in the playground, and he wonted to see one of us in the nude. So he needed to be punished, that's why we are playing with him. The others get sucked off, that stops them from pestering us for a day or two. Cindy said suck harder, do it or be punished. Yes suck harder said Claire. In-out in-out in-out , his helmet went. Sue stood up and whispered to Ann we can't let Claire watch Paul at work at might be too much. Claire and Cindy where now chanting more cabbage more cabbage eat more cabbage. Sam went his spunk hitting the roof of my mouth, now only the big boy to do, I told myself. Ann smiled at Claire and said we need to count the bag of stones, can you get down and get them, don't get any spunk on your clothes. Okay Ann Claire said as she pulled at the bag. Ann tock Claire over to the lean-to and thy sat down to count the stones. Ann said have you enjoyed seeing the boys $%!@s. Ho yes I have learnt a lot about boys to day, can I please come again? If you promises to tell no one about the game we play, not even you mum or dad you can. I promise Claire said. By now Paul was steeping up and undoing his trousers. He pulled them down as before, then he opened his boxer shorts and got his $%!@ and balls out. Bone day no dribble at all just like the last time. I opened my mouth and he pushed his $%!@ in, holding the back of my head, he pulled me on. Soon his helmet was down my throat, and my chin was touching his ball bag. Jane whispered in my ear no sucking on him. He then pull his $%!@ back, then as before the pulled me. The sequence was repeated twenty, then he pulled his $%!@ back. Now my lips moved to and throw over his helmet for twenty times, before he pushed his $%!@ all the way in again. His dripping continued but now at the back of my mouth, as before the pulling back and pulling me on sequence was repeated. Ann and Claire retuned, Ann telling Sue that Claire was okay and that she wonted to see what was going on. Then Claire said his $%!@ gone, No it hasn't gone it's just all the way in his mouth said Jane. Sue then said that's hard to do for more than five seconds or so at a time. Jane added yes all most everybody would be gagging after a second or two. Sue said but this boy is so good at it Claire he can take it for minuets at a time. How dose he get all of his $%!@ in, dose it bend round in side said Claire. Jane giggled and then said no it's out straight. Adding it goes right to the back of his mouth, and then into his throat. No way not down his throat said Claire. Sue moved her sister's right hand on to my throat, saying you can just feel it going down. No that's not his $%!@ is it exclaimed Claire. Yes it is added Sue move you $%!@ in and out a little Paul so Claire can feel him, adding that's in a long way isn't it. Then Claire giggled it all the way in. I know lets just see if said Ann, adding pull him back to the helmet position please Paul. My lips moved to over his foreskin. Now Sue you push his shoulders forward, and Jane you pull his head up. Now Ann tolled me to open my mouth wide, adding slowly in about two inches Paul. Keep your mouth open wide said Ann, now Cindy as I pull Paul's balls forward, you feed them in. Will there be room for them said Cindy. Let find out giggled Jane. That's one in Cindy said adding in a little Paul, then after a bit of pushing she said it's in, it's in, push Paul quick push. Now with his balls out of the way he was able to get an extra inch or two in my mouth. Jane said I can feel his $%!@ deep down in his throat now. Soon his $%!@ throbbed, and I felt sick as a large amount spunk flue down my throat. How back just a little then in-out in-out a little, his balls still filling my mouth, and his helmet deep down my throat. He let me gag on his $%!@ for a full minuet before finally removing his $%!@, and balls from my mouth. As Cindy removed the platform she said that was good fun. By now I was bursting for a wee. Please please let me have a $%!@ I said. Ann said you have been a good boy, but dose that mean you deserve a wee, I think not. Please let me, please please I need to go. What's in it for us, if we let you do a wee said Jane. I have suck five boys off, what more do you want from me I said adding please let me $%!@, please. Ann then said we want you to come back next Monday night. No please, no more I said, adding I been a good boy for you, and played along but no more please. Sue said but your so good at playing the games, and we look forward to finding new ways to punish, I mean tease you. Ann then said what if we make Monday your last time. Do you really mean that I said. Quickly adding no tricks, if I come it would be for the last time. Yes come play on Monday and we will call it a day said Ann. Adding but if you don't play on Monday, when we catch up with you, we will really punishment. Okay than I said I will come, now please let me have a $%!@. Jane slowly pulled the rod from the middle of the cap. I instantly began to $%!@, the pipe down my $%!@ stopped the free flow of urine, and made going painful, but I had to go. look said Cindy he couldn't even hold it back till the cap was off. When I had finished the cap on my $%!@, and the detector on my scrotum where removed. I was then untied and my clothes thorn at me, I ran out of the camp in the nude as before. I felt sick that I had let myself be used in that way again, and that the girls had used me to teach a ten year old girl about sex. I told myself I would never let them do that to me again, and no way was I going on Monday night.