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Boys humiliated by girls

The invite part 2

Posted by randypandy on 2011-01-02 17:05:54

CHAPTER 3 My next half hour at camp.

Not long at all perhaps. As in the distance a minuet or two later I herd voices, but hold on that's not boy's voices I can hear. That giggling chitchat is coming from a group of girls. Realizing that I had been left tied up for them, I straggled to get free. Soon the girls would find me tied between the trees, was I then going to get tossed off by one of them. Or are the girls going to! No I hope not, not tossed dry. Entering the camp from along side the lean-to the girls spotted me. Well the boys have done well for us today one of them said, adding I am Ann, and this is Sue and Jane. Ann was a tall slim blond girl not very big around the chest, but long in the leg. she was dressed in a short skirt, black tights, and a blouse, the top two buttons of which where open. Sue's hair was mousse brown in colour, she was of a fuller figure, big in the legs and $%!@. Sue was wearing blue trousers, blouse and a bomber jacket. The third girl Jane was a red head, and looked a hot bit of stuff. Her long dress flowed over her form showing off her nice $%!@, hips, and bottom. She was now groping me throw my pants, The other two girls soon getting a hand on my $%!@ and ball as well. Let's get his pants off said Sue, not yet said Ann. First get the camera out and tack some snaps of him in this panties. So I was photographed in my pants, the fist shot was of Ann pulling my pants open at the top and looked down at my $%!@. The second shot was of Sue groping my $%!@, and finally Jane was snapped using her teeth to pull down one leg of my pants. Now lets get his pants down said Sue. Okay Ann said but with his legs spread open we will need to cut them off not just drop them. Get me the scissors said Jane, I will cut down each leg of his pants, snip-snip my pants hit the ground. Jane added that's a nice hairy package you have, as she cut tufts of hair from around my scrotum. Snip-snip went the scissors keep still or you may end up ball-less she giggled. I was now tied up in the nude my $%!@ was all reedy dribbling. Watt next was I now going to be $%!@ed by one of them, or was I going to be tossed dry by all of them. No thank god. Ann photographed me as Jane and Sue set about attaching a ball ring to me. Jane held my $%!@ up out of the way, and Sue fixed the ring on. It must be a good tight fit between his $%!@ and scrotum said Ann. Okay said Sue its on. Jane then let my $%!@ go. Then using a length of cord Jane hooked an empty two litre plastic bottle on to the ring, the bottle swung to and throw between my knees. Sue garbed it and put about half a litre of water in to the bottle, then let it go. It swung around and pulled on my ball, put more water in Sue. As Ann photographed my grimacing face. Sue put another half litre in, fill it up he can tack it said Jane, so Sue filled the bottle to the top, saying we will get a good photo of his ball being pulled. Then Sue and Jane swung the now full bottle to each other throw my legs. each swing pulled my ball backwards then forwards, that's pulling them balls down Ann said, adding let see if we can get them down around his knees. After a minuet or so the bottle came detached from the ring and split open on the ground. That was no longer going to give them any fun I told myself. I knew it wasn't but by now my scrotum felt a foot long. Now lets get to work on his $%!@ said Ann with a dirty smile on her face. Sue showed me a $%!@ ring and said this is going on you $%!@, just behind your helmet. The ring had four small eyelets around the out side, from two opposite eyelets hung short lengths of string. Jane and Sue knelt down beside me, Jane pulled my foreskin back, as Sue pushed and twisting the ring over my helmet. That's holding his foreskin back nicely said Jane. The two strings now dangled down, one each side of my $%!@. The girls each took hold of a string, then just pulling the slack up tide the strings back to the ball ring. The strings are just to stop the ring working off Ann told me as she stood up. By now my knob was throbbing, my helmet enlarged and my dignity gone. Ann then rummaged in her bag bring out a tube of toothpaste, As Ann applied a liberal amount of the paste to my exposed foreskin she said, it will only take about five minuets for the toothpaste to make you nice and sore. In less than one minuet my $%!@ was getting hot. The girls just stood and watched me regale, that will warm him up said Ann. Put some more on, coat his helmet in it requested Sue. As Jane photographed my now swollen red foreskin, Ann applied a coat to my helmet, then just as she was going to put a second coat of paste on my foreskin, Jane said stop. No Ann this time put it down his eye. Jane pulled at my helmet opening my eye wide, Ann's little finger then pushed a small amount of paste in to my urethra. I bet that stings said Jane. Soon I was regaling and twisting around, again the girls stood giggling for a minuet or two, before Ann said I think that's will do. Jane began to gently wash my $%!@ with water. She tolled me that looks just right, very red around the foreskin and a nicely tenderised helmet. Adding that shod make the next part of the game so much more painful, sorry I meant to say fun. A cord was attached to the ball ring, then went around the eyelet in the ground behind me. Then some relief at last, as my leg ropes where slackened a little. Sue pulled on the cord as Ann and Jane slackened my arm ropes. Kneel down you sod Sue said as she pulled hard on the cord. Kneel down I resisted and Sue pulled harder. Why would girls want me kneeing down. Kneel down Sue said as she pulled harder still on the cord. I dropped down fist on to one knee, then on to both. The cord had pulled me down, but also pulled me back about a foot. My balls where now over the eyelet, and my hands where stretched well out in front of my body. The two girls now tightened my arms ropes, this pulled my hands forward even more. Then the two of them slowly tightened my leg ropes, this pulled my ankles out sideways. I was forced to hobble forwards, each time I moved my knees parted a little. The two girls tightened and tightened the ropes. By the time my body was back in-line with the trees, my knees where well apart, and my feet pointed out sideways. Sue tied the cord off to the eyelet, but not before pulling my balls back between my now open legs, then Ann fixing the other end of the cord to the bottom eyelet on the $%!@ ring. Ann and Jane in the mean time had gone to the lean-to, returning with a plywood platform, come steep arrangement, and a small black plastic bag. I guess the platform stood around eight or nine inches high, the top platform being about two foot long by eighteen inches wide. A steep was fitted to each side of the platform, one being about four inches high, and the other only around one inch high, both being a bout eight inches wide and a foot long. Mid way along the edge of the platform, on the low steep side, was fixed a twenty inch hight tee bar. The six inch long bar was in line with the platform edge, and had a small screw eye on each end. Soon the girls where manoeuvring the platform in to position, the lower steep fitting between my knees. A length of elastic was then tied to one eyelet on the tee bar. The free end of elastic was pasted through top eyelet on the $%!@ ring, and tide off to the other end of the tee bar. This held my $%!@ out straight, and up a little. Sue pulled on the cord from behind me, this swung my $%!@ down between my legs, she let the cord go, and elastic swung my $%!@ back up. Sue pulled on the cord again but keeping my $%!@ down this time. Jane promptly stepped up on to the platform and stood right in front of me, her dress torching my face. Her hands holding each side of her dress, now she slowly lifted her arms. One inch, two inches, tree inches, fore inches, five more inches of lovely legs where on show. Soon I would see the crouch of her knickers I tolled myself, yes just as I got site of them she let her dress go. Have a good look did you she said as she repeated the process one more time. Then she push her crouch in to my face before backing away as Sue let the cord go. So this why the girls wonted me kneeling down, so thy can tease me. I tolled myself perhaps thy think it will make me orgasm, or some think. Your turn Sue said Jane as the two of them swapped around, Jane now pulled the cord hard down, allowing Sue to stand right close in front of me. She them undone her trousers and lowered them to her knees, her tight little white knickers where now right in my face. Go on she said have a sniff of my $%!@, I bet you would love to see it wouldn't you, Sue added as she pulled up her trousers and got down. Sue said the boys are dew back soon, so we need to get a move on. Now it was Ann turn up on the platform, standing right up next to me see undone the side zip of her skirt and slowly lowered it two inches, then twisting it round a bit she lowered it an anther inch. I could now see the waistband of her black knickers. Then twisting and lowering her skirt an inch again before pulling it up, as she got down off of the platform saying that's all you are getting from me. Jane now let the cord go and my $%!@ swung back up. The elastic was now undone and the platform moved away, for the next two minuets or so the girls just sat on the platform giggling and whispering to each other. I herd the odd word or two, but was not able to make out what was going to happen to me next. I thought this can not the first time the girls have done this, as each of them knows just what to do next, I bet all this has happened to a good number of boys in the past. Did the others put up with being pulled about, and played with, or did some say yes to doing the stripteases. Then my thoughts turned to the return of the boys, and do I say yes to doing the stripteases or not. It's been a little unpleasant at times, but some games are like that. I tolled myself I have put up with the girls playing with me for this long, so why quit now. It's only a game after all, and I wouldn't have minded losing that game of strip cards. Any way having three girls playing with my $%!@ has been like a dream come true, if a bit rough at times. A minuet or two later the boys returned, and sat on the stools in the lean-to. Had fun girl's Paul asked? The girls replied with one voice yes. Is he going to do the stripteases for us added Paul? Are you asked Jane, again I shook my head to signal no. Ann then whispered in my ear, so you want some more do you. Ann turned to Sue and Jane and said shell we see how far we can make him go girls. He won't do the stripes so why not said Jane. Sue added lets make him pay for being so stubborn. Yes lets said Jane but which punishment do we use. adding he took a full W.B. on his balls, and the T.P. didn't make him that sore. Sue said we could redo the T.P. giving it more time. Simon added I have still got my plant dibble if you need it girls. I think the P.P. or the N.L. would work well on him said Ann. Sue added it's only his first time, do we need to use the P.P. or the N.L on him? First session or not, we need to make him pay some how said Ann. Jane then said I don't think the $%!@ press will make him go all the way, so lets use the. Jane don't say any more your spoil it for him said Ann. Then she whispered in my ear. I think Jane's right the $%!@ press would not make you give in, but the N. L. will. No boy has taken that for long, let's see how you cope with it. Right it's the N.L. for him girls she said out loud. I had worked out that W.B. was the water bottle and that T.P. was the tooth past, and Jane had let slip that P.P. was a $%!@ press, but what was the N.L. and why would it make me give in. Sue stood right in front of me, as Jane and Ann moved around behind me, now Sue moved closer her arms stretched out over my head. Then from behind me I herd the sound of a match being struck. Sue steeped back, slowly lowering her arms till her upturned hands where in front of my face. look what I have she said, holding a lit night-light out for me to see, yes N.L. is for night-light she said as she slowly lowered her hands. Her fingernails pushed against my chest and then my belly as she lowered it. The downward movement of Sue's hands stopped as her fingers reached my bellybutton. looking down I could see that, she was now holding the night-light between her thumb, and index finger of her right hand. With the pram of her left hand now cupped under my $%!@, she began to tip the night-light up. I jumped as the hot wax ran on to helmet. Now Sue slowly moved my $%!@ around, letting the hot wax drip on my helmet. Simon said it looks like the girls are going to have fun playing with this one. Slowly drip by drip my helmet was coated in white wax. That looks well waxed up said Sue as she pasted the night-light around my body to Ann. I tolled myself that was not so bad, not nice but no way was it going to make me give in. Now the platform was put back in front of me, then the elastic was rethreaded through the $%!@ ring, and tied off to the tee bar. Again the cord attached to my $%!@ was pulled, before the cord was released my now wax-coated helmet was pulled all the way up between my open legs. Like that you look like a girl Sue said. Then Ann whispered in my ear guess where that night-light is now, adding is it in my bag, or is it back in Sue's hand? No hear it is down on to the steep, right between your knees. I wonder what will happen to your $%!@, if Sue pulls on the cord. Sue whispered I think your helmet will only be inches from the flame as it passes over the night-light. I winced at the thought of my $%!@ being pulled over a flame. That's right Jane said think about how it might feel. Then giggling she added do you think it will be like a hand holding him tightly, or more like getting into a hot bath? Ann said perhaps it's like drinking hot tea Jane. or even like touching a light bulb. She then added I think it time for you found out. The cord was pulled all the way up again, and Sue whispered like that you do look like a girl. Then pointing to the lean-to, Ann said right now I bet the three of them wish you were a girl, and not a boy. Jane and Sue giggled, then Jane said I know let's see if you can perform a sexual act like a girl for them. You haven't got a $%!@ for a boy to fill with $%!@, so lets think. I know your bum! But hold it your bum hole is so low down we would need to untie you, to let a boy bugger you. That's not going to happen. so let me think, no $%!@, bum too low, and mouth gagged. It's a shame your gagged as your mouth would do nicely. We could take the gag off said Sue, adding Paul's always going on about how a good long suck is better than a quick bang. I straggled pulling on the arm ropes, but it was hopeless noway was I going to get free. Some how I don't think he likes the idea of $%!@ said Ann. I now knew what my punishment was going to be, I was to perform $%!@ on a boy. The cord was pulled again, but this time my helmet was held right above the flame. I was aware of the heat from the flame on my helmet, but it was not painful. Ann photographed my $%!@ over the flame. Then as the cord was released she whispered in my ear, wasn't that fun, adding it looked good from behind. She then said I bet you wish you had said yes to doing the stripteases now, are you reedy for oral yet? I shook my head to signal no. Come on you can do it giggled Jane, it only like giving a friend a $%!@, gigging again she added but using you lips. I shook my head again. Ann then asked me have you ever $%!@ed a friend? I shook my head. I bet you have she added. I shook my head again. You mean to say you have only ever played with your self? I nodded. Have you ever been nude in front of a girl before? I signal no. She then added so you have not been played with before, or played any sexual games at all? I shook my head again. Jane then said, Nigel told us girls that you seemed very excited, by the idea of playing strip cards. Adding that you where still more than a bit eager to play, even after he had explained it would only be a simple game of strip. Ann added did he tell you that you had a good chance of seeing one off us girls nude? I nodded my head. Well it's no wonder you wonted to play then Sue said, adding I bet he didn't say any think about you being tied up, stripped nude and sexually abused did he? I shook my head. Ann then said, so you had no idea that we intended to strip you, let alone make you our play thing? I shook my head again. Than Jane said this is going to be real treat, well perhaps not for you. Adding having a boy tided up and forcing him to do things is fun, but knowing he is a complete first timer is just brilliant. She quickly adding we have taken you from being an unsullied innocent boy, that only ever played with him self. To what will be a well used sex toy, in less than one hour. You know I really do think you will do anything to please us girls. I shook my head. Ann then said you shod now be thanking us girls for giving you an education, and not giving us, and your self a hard time. She added are you going to be a good boy and suck my brothers $%!@. I signalled no. That's not the right answer said Jane, as she held the small plastic bag out in front of my face. She then removed a wooden block about half an inch thick from the bag. Saying can you guess what this is for. Ann then whispered have you guessed yet? Well just in case you haven't, I will tell you. As I speak Jane is putting the block of wood under the night-light. My whole body shook as I through about the flame being that much nearer my $%!@. Perhaps it's all a bluff, and Jane didn't put the block under the night-light at all. That must be it, thy wouldn't dear pull my $%!@ down right over a flame, would thy. The cord was briefly pulled, and Ann whispered in my ear, definitely hotter wasn't it. I nodded and realized that the girls had only been toying with me before. Ann added we enjoy this part of the game, and by the way don't worry we have never burnt a boy $%!@ yet, will not badly any way. She then said are you reedy to suck. I signal no, telling myself I can take it, it wasn't that painful. The boy then chanted up one. Jane removed one more block from the bag, and put it under the night-light, then the cord was pulled. The heat from the flame made me jump this time. Ann whispered suck a boy off. I hesitated the cord was pulled again. I signal no, telling myself two pulls at that setting perhaps that's it, no more wooden block. But no the boys soon chanted up one, and again a block of wood appeared from within the bag, and was put under the night-light. The cord was pulled again, my downward stretched $%!@ was now only a few inches from the flame. I bit down on the gag as the heat hit my helmet. I throat how can one little flame hurt so much. Again Ann whispered suck a boy off, as Jane put anther block under the night-light. Then Sue pulled my $%!@ down over the night-light again, this time rocking my $%!@ to and throe at the bottom of the pull. I tried to yell no stop but the gag was so tight in my mouth little sound came. Now the wax coating that had protected my helmet from the worst of the heat started to melt. One drip of wax landed on the night-light, and made the flame briefly flare up. I tried yelling again please stop, but as before little sound came out throw the gag. The heat from the flame and the melting wax made it extremely painful indeed. The girl's all knew this, and giggled as Sue continued to work my $%!@ to and throe over the flame. By now I was nodding yes, yes. Ann then whispered I haven't asked you yet. Sue continued to work my $%!@ to and throe over the night-light. I was now franticly nodding my head. Ann said your burn his $%!@ soon Sue, we don't want that. He would need to see a doctor with a burn on his $%!@, and he mite end up telling on us. Jane added yes ask him Ann. Sue said just a bit longer, I like making boys beg and we don't want him to go back on his word, do we. No we don't but, he will do it just ask him. All right Jane I will ask him, you don't really want to suck on a boy's $%!@, do you? I was still nodding yes as Sue finally let the cord go. The boy's chanted up one. Jane removed a special one inch thick block form the bag, and showed it to me. This one will go nicely on top of the stack she said, adding I guess that your helmet will be less than three inches from the flame, when we next need to torture, sorry I mean persuade you. Ann whispered you are stubborn, and have put up with a lot more than any first timer that we have had before. Some suck on the second pull of the cord, or don't even get past the water bottle stage. That's not that much fun for us, well not like the fun we are having with you. But I am telling you now that at a distance of three inches or less the end of your $%!@ will get burnt, if the cord is pulled for more than the briefest of periods. No boy can take his $%!@ getting that hot for long, so I would behave myself if I was you, and do as you are tolled.

CHAPTER 4 How much can I take.

Right are we reedy said Sue, quickly adding perhaps now we can get on with the serious part of the game. Sue now beckoned the boys over, I throat about yelling for help, as Ann removed the gag from my mouth, but tolled myself to keep quiet. The the girls could leave me tied up, perhaps even with my $%!@ pulled down over the flame. If that was to happen my $%!@ would cook by the time anybody found me. I didn't really think the girl's would do anything like that, but I mite be left tied up nude all night. I knew now that the girl's had the power, to make me suck on a boy. I tolled my self it was just a case of how far would the girls make me go, and how soon would I need to give in, If only I could delay it long enough there may get bored, or need to go home. Not a very good plan I know, but it's all I can think of. That is apart from just getting on with it, and sucking one of them off, I could have done that a quarter of an hour ago, I tolled myself, and now be on my way home. No don't think like that, think positively, how can I delay doing it. The boy's now stood up and started across the clearing, quick think how can I delay it. Soon Nigel was standing on the platform in front of me, he unzipped his trousers, then reaching into his pants he pulled out his $%!@. It was about five inches long, and about one and a half inches across. He moved forward his helmet was now only inches from my face. Jane was reedy to photograph me, and Sue had the cord in her hand just in case. No please don't make me do it, please don't make me suck this $%!@ I said. Then quickly I added I don't really know what you want me to do. Jane then said we want you to make him $%!@, using your mouth. I know that but how, I haven't even seen it done before, let alone done it. Jane added your find a way. No please I said I will do anything but please don't make me suck, I will do the stripteases for you I will I will! Ann then whispered it's a bit too late for that, adding you said you would do it, so let's get you started. Nigel pushed his $%!@ forward rubbing his most sticky helmet along my now tightly closed lips. I was breathing in through my nose now, and suddenly became aware of his pubic aroma. I guessed the smell was a mixture of perspiration, urine and pre-ejaculation dribble. Ann whispered because this is your first time, we are going to let you slowly build up to it. adding quickly but you must do as you are told, or the cord gets pulled. Right lets get you started. First you need to taste his $%!@, put you tong out and lick around but not over his helmet. I started licking slowly a light sweet stickiness filled my mouth, I was surprised by the absence of any strong taste, not at all what I was expecting. Then Ann said you are doing good, now lick around his foreskin, Ann added the flavour under the foreskin is usually a lot stronger. Nigel pulled his foreskin back, and I licked around his $%!@, as I did Jane photograph me. Now my mouth filled with a much richer version of the same sticky flavour. Stop licking him said Ann, and start kissing his helmet, that's right she added as I kissed around the sides. I could now see a dewy like drip of pre-$%!@ forming on his helmet. On seeing this Ann said, good that's just what we've been waiting for, some nice dribble. Now full on she added, kiss his $%!@ full on. No please not full on, he's dribbling. Do it or the cord get pulled, that's a good boy she added as I started kissing the tip of his helmet. His per-$%!@ was now sticking to my lips as I was made to kiss him again and again. Soon strings of it went between my lips and his helmet. Kiss him again but this time open your lips a little Ann said, adding now open your lips a little more with each kiss, that's right. At the beginning of each kiss his throbbing red helmet was now between my lips, then it slowly slipped out as I kissed it. That's looks so good she said adding are you shore that this is your first time, Jane snapped a way. Now I thank it's time for a full on knob kiss added Ann. Just pop your lips right over his helmet, and on to his foreskin on the way in then slowly all the way out. No please I begged not that. Do it kiss his $%!@, do it now, come on lap up that dribble. Good she said as I kiss him, now again, and again. This time not so fast, keep it in for a count of five. In one two three fore five out. In one two three fore hold it, five out. Again In one two three hold it, fore hold it, five out good boy. I think you are reedy for your first suck now. Don't make me suck him please don't I said. Come on said Sue you have had his helmet in your mouth, and that's was not so bad was it. No not that bad I suppose, I then added but what if he $%!@ in my mouth. Jane then said not if, when he $%!@. Up to now I didn't really think the girls would make me do it, but now I knew this hole game, right from the start was all about making me suck a $%!@ Now all you need to do is suck on it instead of kissing it, go on just the tip of his helmet will do said Sue. No please not that please he will $%!@ in my mouth I said. Sue pulled on the cord. All right, all right I yelled as long as it's only the tip, it is only going to be the tip isn't it, That will do nicely Sue said adding very softly, for a start any way. I opened my mouth, and slowly Nigel moved forward, I now lost site of his helmet as he pushed it closer to my open mouth. Soon the tip of his helmet was between my lips, and I found myself giving it a gentle suck. That's not so bad is it said Sue, adding see it's not any different to kissing it really, go on suck on him again. Good boy that's the way said Jane, see you can do it. Now you just need to keep on sucking, don't stop or Sue will pull the cord added Jane. I sucked the tip of his $%!@ for a good minuet or so then Ann said that's good, but I think you can manage all of his helmet now. I know Sue said the tip would do, but she lied. We know you can do it, we have seen you kissing all of his helmet don't forget. So we know you can tack more than the tip in. Keeping my lips closed I resisted Nigel's first attempt to push more of his $%!@ in to my mouth. But then Sue pulled on the cord, I now let him slowly pushed his helmet throw my lips. My top lip rubbed on his foreskin as his helmet passed into my mouth. Soon his helmet was as far if not fever in my mouth, than ever before, and it was not aloud out after a count of five. Ann whispered in my ear now work your lips up and down over his foreskin as you suck. I slowly began working his knob in-out. I was now $%!@e Nigel with my lips, and thinking I hope he pulls out in time, and doesn't $%!@ in my mouth. Jane photographed my face as I sucked on him, Soon his thick sticky dribble was dripping on to my tong. It's sour taste filled my mouth. I pulled my head back, and stopped sucking for a moment or two. Ann said suck on him now, or be punished. I moved my head to one side, and spat out some of his dribble. As I did Sue briefly pulled the cord. I yelled stop stop that $%!@ing hurts, adding please let me go, I can't do it. No way are you going home yet said Ann, adding you just get on with it, or you know what will happen. I think he likes being punished said Jane, this time Sue hold his $%!@ down over the flame till he sucks. No please not that I said it so painful. I then felt the cord slowly pulling my helmet down. Okay I will do it I said. Then I started sucking on him again, in-out in-out in-out went my head, as I pushed and pulled my lips over his foreskin. I felt the cord slacken, and my $%!@ swung back up. Then Ann whispered you will need to suck a bit harder than that. I want to hear some pop slurp pop slurp sounds coming from you mouth as his $%!@ goes in and out. I begin to suck harder making the sounds she wanted to hear. How long dose it tack to suck a boy off I wondered, five minuets, ten minuets or longer. I had no idea. Pop slurp pop slurp whet my lips over his now dribble soaked shaft. You are doing good keep it going whispered Ann as I slowed down a little. Then my lips felt his $%!@ throb, and suddenly a jet of $%!@ hit the roof of my mouth, then a second weaker jet landed on my tong. I tried to pull my head back but Ann was holding it forward. She said no not yet, stay on him your not finished yet. Slurp slurp went my lips over his now rapidly softening $%!@. His thick stick seaman now coated my tong and lips. It's taste was not so bad after all. I had herd that it was vile, and feared it would make me sick. It was not nice but no way was I going to gag on it, well not in front of the girls. Nigel pulled his $%!@ out of my mouth, and steeped down from the platform. I spat out his $%!@, and then cough up some dribble. For the first time in my life I had just giving a boy a blow job. Good boy that was not so bad was it said Sue, quickly adding wasn't it fun? No it wasn't I replied, it was not nice at all. Come off it you enjoyed making him climaxed in your mouth she said. No I didn't it was horrid I said, adding you have made me suck a boy off, now please let me go, my legs and arms ache. Ann said we enjoyed making you do that, adding you didn't like it when my brother came in your mouth did you? No I said adding you know its not nice, now please let me go. Ann then said how shod I know if it nice or not, I have never sucked a boy off. Why make me do it then I asked? Just to see if we can said Sue. Ann added well that, and because it's so much fun having a boy naked, and making him suffer. Then so he will never forget us, we humiliate him even more, by making him give a blow job. It's just so spiteful of use I know, but we love it. How did you work this all out I added? Well it like this, It all started when I lost a game of strip, and Paul wanted me to suck him off. I said wouldn't it be more fun if, I got a boy to suck your $%!@ for me. He laughed and said all the way off, no boy would do that for you. I than added probably not willingly, but if the boy was tied up I think I could persuade him do it. Adding come on it will be fun. Just think how the boy will feel, as he is made to suck your $%!@. Okay make a boy do it by next week, or you will need to do it each night for a week. Two days later I lured a boy in to the woods by saying would he like to see my $%!@. Then just as I was opening my blouse, two of my girl fiends and Paul jumped him. We soon over powered the boy, and tied him up. Us girls then pulled his trousers, and paints down. This was all well and good, but how do we make him suck on Paul. Between us three girls we had only ever wanked two boy off before, so we had little idea of how to be rough with a boy. We knew that making him $%!@ was not going to get us far, so we just played with him for a time. Then Sue went to her bag for a cigarette, as she light it up I said jokingly lets light his $%!@ up as well. That's not a bad idea, well half an idea any way Sue said. Adding what if I held the lighter underneath him, then you slowly push his $%!@ down over it, using a stick. Soon the boy was begging us to stop. His $%!@ was pushed down over the lighter, again and again. Then he said the words we wonted to hear, I will do any think for you, but please stop. I said any think? Yes any think you want, and he did. We had five boys naked last summer, and each time we improved the game a bit. Then at home over the winter we all worked on some modification to the game, and now we know how to persuade a boy to do just what we want. Adding you are only the third boy to play the game this year, so sorry if some of the newer bits still need improving. She then added did you not know we intend to strip you? No I had no idea that any of this was going to happen. When the boys stripped me to my pants, and tied me up. I knew that I had been tricked, but I though it was part of an energisation test, or some think. Even when you girls started playing with me, I had no idea that you intended to make me suck a boys off. Not even when we made you kneel down said Jane? Yes I did have my suspicions then, but the boys where not around, and you all started to teased me. So it was not till Jane said It's a shame your gagged as your mouth would do nicely, that I know for certain what you had planed for me. I added I didn't think you could make me do that, but in the end I had no choice did I? Yes you had a choice said Ann you could have sucked when we first asked you to, or you could have held out a bit longer may be. It was your choice to suck when you did. The girls all stood about giggling for a minuet then Simon steeped up. He unzipped his trousers, and presented his $%!@ to me. It was bigger perhaps one inch longer, and a good quarter of an inch fatter than Nigel's. No no please not him as well, I said, adding I have done what you wanted, please no more. Ann whispered you cant just do one of the boys, that would not be fair would it, any way your so good at it. I beg you not the other two as well, please no more. Than as I pulled on the ropes I added please let me go, I beg you not again. Then Simon waved his big red wet knob in my face, he said have a good close look at him. Jane held my right eyelid open as he put his knob closer and closer to my eye. Look down my eye he said can you see all that nice spunk just waiting to be sucked out. I been saving it up for you, it shod be a nice big load by now, he added I haven't been for five days. His $%!@ was dribbling now as he slowly dragged it down my face. Jane let go of my eyelid, as he brushed his helmet along my lips. Now Simon pushed his $%!@ hard on to my lips saying open up than. I was slow at tacking him in, so the cord was pulled again. I intently opened my mouth wide, the end of Simon's dribble covered $%!@ entered my mouth. No licking or kissing for me this time just straight in. I sucked up and down on his helmet in-out in-out, his sticky dribble coating my lips and tong now. His dribble tasted different, was his spunk going too. No doubt I would soon find out, that is if the $%!@ in my mouth. In-out in-out pop slurp pop slurp went my lips over his foreskin. I tolled myself that two more loads of spunk would not hurt me, well not as much as that flame. I was sucking hard on him now to try and make him climax quickly. I had lost the game, so the sooner it was all over the better, but just how much more can I take. In-out in-out pop slurp pop slurp went my lips, in-out in-out over his foreskin went my lips. His dribble dyed up all at once. Was this it already, was he about to $%!@,. No such luck, his $%!@ was getting softer if anything. Ann whispered in my ear come on you are losing it, get him stiff or get punished. I put my lips around his foreskin and suck hard, in between sucks I started to moved my tong around his helmet. Slowly at first his $%!@ begin to stiffen, than all at once it got good and hard. He must like his helmet being thonged I tolled myself. So I almost stopped sucking and instead worked my tong over and over his helmet. Soon I tasted his dribble again, at first only when my tong lick his helmet, but the taste slowly filled my mouth as my tong lapped up more drips. I knew he was getting close to climaxing, when his knees started to shank. Then about ten seconds later he grabbed hold my heir, saying keep sucking on him. Then he added when I tell you open your mouth wide, we want to see just how much you get. Jane knelt down and got reedy to photograph the moment saying this shod be good. I must have slowed down or opened my mouth a little. As he then said come on keep sucking you don't wont spoil it now, I will tell you when. I sucked hard on him. then as I got to the end of the third intake of breath he said now now! I opened my mouth wide just as he yelled yes yes! His load begin pumping out into my open mouth, at first a three second long jet hit the back of my mouth. Then three more one second jets landed on my tong, and finally two big drips ran down on to my bottom lip. Sue whispered that was so funny. His $%!@ seamed thicker and tasted a bit saltier than Nigel's, I wondered as finished licking his helmet, does spunk always taste different from boy to boy. Simon steeped down and I spat his seaman out, please can I have a drink of water I said. No water for you, you just enjoy the taste of that spunk said Jane. Only one to go now then it will be all over, I will give him a good hard suck and make him come in no time at all I told myself. Come on let me get on with it then I said. Not so fast Ann said as she turned around and headed to the lean-to, beckoning the others over; two minuets or so must have past. Then on their return Ann whispered, because you managed to make Simon go so quick. We have decided that Paul shod give you a treat, so we are getting him to take you up a game stage or two. This only happens on a boy's second or third section , so think of it as a early present. I am not coming again I said. Yes you will said Ann, then she adding you didn't gag on Nigel or Simon's helmets, so let see how you cope with a full length in your mouth. No not all the way in please I said, adding I will suck him off, but please not that, not all the the way in. Than Jane said but your so good, all the first timers before you have just given in to quick, or have pass-out on us. Jane then whispered you are not going to faint on us I can tell, and by the way lets make it a gobble, and no a suck, do you now what that means? I think so I said softly. Well let's get it straight. Instead of you sucking like you are having a drink from a straw, when you gobble you swallow like you are eating. That shod prolong your punishment nicely, she then added gobbling doesn't usually make a boy $%!@ so quick, that is if he can control him self. So hopeful you will enjoy the full flavour of his $%!@, and his dribble for longer. Now do you now know what I want? Well do you? Yes but please don't make me do that, I will be a good boy and suck him off for you. I added and perhaps take a bit more $%!@ in, but please not that, not on my first section any way. Sue giggled and said so you want to play again do you. No I said it was a slip of the tong. Sue than added it will be fun to see how long Paul can hold back his climax for this time. Ann then whispered in my ear about twenty five minuets is the record so far. No please not that long, I beg you tell him to be quicker than that. Paul steeped on to the top steep, he undone his trousers, and pulled them down. He then opened his boxer shorts and got his $%!@ and balls out. His $%!@ was only about half erect but was already at least one inch longer than Simon's, perhaps even seven and a half inches long, and bone dry as well, no dribble on it at all. On seeing the size of him, I begged Ann please stop him, I will do anything else, but please not all the way in. It's too long I will gag. I know I will, don't make me do it please. Ann whispered but you're so good at sucking, now we need to see how good you are at gobbling. I was now wondered how is it that Paul was able to watched me suck the other two boys off and not get horny. The only thing I could think of is that he had played the game a lot of times, and had seen and done it all before. Ann said reedy for you treat now? I started to say no please don't, please not all the way in. But as I got to the word all, he pushed his $%!@ in, his helmet popped past my lips and in to my mouth. I cloud now fill my lips rolling his foreskin back. That shut you up said Ann. All reedy my mouth felt full, well fuller than before. I had only just taken Nigel and Simon's helmets in to my mouth, my lips had only just touched their foreskins on the inward strokes. But now my lips where well up on the body of Paul's $%!@, pulling his foreskin right back. He now made me moved my lips to and throw over his foreskin for ten times. I found myself giving his $%!@ a little suck, it just felt natural some how. Ann sore this and tolled Sue to punish me, which she promptly did. I stopped at once, thinking now I get it for sucking. Ann whispered in my ear I tolled you no sucking, do that again and your nice round helmet will suffer badly. That's right she said keep your lips tight around his $%!@, but don't play with it. Then holding the back of my head with his hands, Paul pulled my head slowly forward. My lips slid past his foreskin and on to his shaft, now more and more of his $%!@ was slowly entering my mouth. I thought when will he stop pulling me on, how much more can there be. Then his helmet reached the back of my mouth, but he still pulled me on. I felt his $%!@ bending as his helmet poked the roof of my mouth. Not bad said Jane but still short of the full length. Give him time said Paul as he rubbed the back of my neck, then he adding don't panic all the boy's have struggled with this part of the game, even when it comes at the end of section three. Then Ann whispered in my ear, he has removed his trousers so you can gobble on all of his weapon. You are not going to waste any of him are you. Sue giggled and said only two inches more. I thought to myself, two inches is longer than I had in my mouth before, let alone the five or so I must already have in my mouth. Tell him not to panic boys giggled Sue. Nigel now joined in by telling me. We know that his helmet is right at the back of your mouth, but it will need to slip down your throat if he is to get the rest of his $%!@ in. I gagged on him for a second or two, but was not allowed to back off. Then Simon added you just need to relax, and let him get him in the right place. Again I gagged for a second. I know it's the through of it down throat, just relax and you will cope said Paul as he pushed more of his $%!@ in. Ann whispered remember no sucking or your helmet will not look so pretty, and you may make him $%!@ to soon. We wouldn't want that to happen would we, it would spoil the game. As if I could suck where his $%!@ was in my mouth. He then pulled his $%!@ back but only about an inch, then he pulled my head slowly on, this sequence was then slowly repeated again and again. His $%!@ was getting bigger and harder with each thrust, how long must it be now I wondered. Ann whispered in my ear that looks so nice, adding I bet your enjoying that. Then on the ninth thrust his helmet rolled down into my throat, down and down it went, then finally my chin touched his balls. Sue said look look! it's all the way in. Now I was gobbling on his fully erect $%!@, and Ann whispered that's what we like to see a full on down the throat gobble. Then some relief as he pulled his weapon back, this time he made my lips moved to and throw over his foreskin for ten times. He was now fully aroused, and started to dribble on my tong. Still dripping dribble he gradually pushed his $%!@ in again. My mouth slowly filled till at last his helmet tickled the back of my throat, then push on down, soon my chin touched his ball bag. The girls stood giggling, as Nigel and Simon chanted gobble gobble gobble. His dribbling continued but down my throat now, not at all nice. The pulling back, and pulling me on sequence was sluggishly repeated ten more times. This pushed more dribble around the back of my mouth and down my throat. I bet that's nice said Ann, are you getting the full taste of him yet. Nigel said come on Paul make him taste more of your dribble, work it around his mouth. Paul then pulled his $%!@ back about four inches and worked his helmet around my mouth, and in to cheeks. I bet that's tasty said Sue as more and more dribble filled my cheeks. The girl's knew the taste of his dribble would now stay in my mouth for the rest of the ordeal. He gradually pushed his weapon all the way in again, the pulling back, and pulling me on sequence was repeated but this time twenty times Then it was back to the foreskin position my lips rolling his skin up and down up and down. He gradually pushed his weapon in again, down my neck his $%!@ went, down deep in to my throat. I gag for a second or two. With is helmet still deep in my throat, he begin to ram his pelvis up in to my face, ten times, each time his balls slapped my chin. Then it was back to the foreskin position my lips rolling his skin up and down up and down. I felt his $%!@ stiffen, and a jet of $%!@ shot from the front of my mouth to the back, then a second jet shot down my throat. Well thank god that's all over I said to myself. But no it was back to my chin touching his ball. Nigel and Simon had a new chant now, gobble gobble gobble in out in out work that spunk about. The pulling back of his $%!@ and pulling me on sequence was then slowly repeated for ten more times, only now pushing spunk down my throat not dribble. Each thrust now made me eat some of his spunk. Then it was back to the foreskin position, my lips moving his skin up and down again. This $%!@ throbbed for a second time and I felt a big puddle of $%!@ all around my tong. Now it was back to my chin touching his ball, and the pulling back of his $%!@ and pulling me on sequence. Ann whispered good isn't he, as Nigel and Simon chanted, gobble gobble gobble in out in out work that spunk about. By the time Paul had finally removed his $%!@ from my mouth he had managed to push most of his $%!@ down my throat. Ann said well done, that was about twelve minutes of good hard gobbling. Fun wasn't it, see you are good at gobbling as well as sucking. Sue and Jane removed the night-light, ball and $%!@ rings, and packed them away. Ann then said with a little practice you could be very good indeed. We would then need to add a stage or two more to our little game, just to keep you happy. I was then untied and my clothes thorn at me. I had a job to stand at first, and when I did I could only just walk. Run home to mummy now Sue said. Still in the nude I hobbled out of the camp, stopping at the old tree to get dressed. With no pants and a very sore $%!@ each steep was painful. I gingerly walked home and crept in to the bathroom and got cleaned up. The taste of Paul's $%!@ and all of that spunk was hard to get out of my mouth. All that and I still didn't get to see a $%!@, was I ever going to see a girl in the nude. But more important was what would happen if it ever got out at school that I had sucked three boy off. No one would understand or care that I had no chose in the mater, and that I was made to do it.