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Boys humiliated by girls

The invite

Posted by randypandy on 2011-01-02 16:59:55

CHAPTER 1 The invite.

I was a normal boy of fifteen, well all most fifteen. At school brake times I was always looking at the pretty girls, some times if I was lucky I would get a glimpse of a kicker leg or two. The best place in the playground for this was out side the boiler house, as a group of five or so girls usually sat on the steeps talking. Make-up clothes parties, and the latest party games, where the usual topics. Some times a dress would ride up, and then I would get a quick glimpse of upper leg. I was always hanging around hopping to get invited to one of the parties. Then one Monday in April one of the girls started to tell the others about an exchange party that she had been to on Sunday. She said Rose's parents had gone away for the day, so her brother had arranged a five a side exchange party. On Sunday morning the girls team still only had four players. So when Rose saw me at the paper shop, she invited me to join in, she asked have you played exchange before? No is it fun? Can be fun, but is always rude are you up for it? Yes please was my reply. Good Rose said see you at 12 then. Did you go one of the other girls asked? By now I was sitting around the back of the boiler house chimney, out of site of the girls. Not knowing I was there, she continued to tell them about the party. Bridget, Rose, Helen, and myself went in to Rose's bedroom, and the boys all went in to her brother's bedroom. That's no fun or rude one of the other girls said. That's just the start of the game she said, adding Rose then tipped the contents of a small cardboard box out on to her bed. We all sat on the bed, and sorted the items out. Four long rope ties, two shorter ties, one gag, one blindfold, a roll of toilet paper, and a pack of playing cards. Rose now tolled us that the long ties go around the bed legs, to hold a boy down, and that the paper is for cleaning him up. Than Rose said the short ties and the gag go on the hands, legs, and mouth of one of us girls. She then added the poor girl is then exchanged for a boy. Beth said but which one of us girls? Rose then added we need to cut the cards to find that out. The one of us with the lowest number in the cut loses, is that all right she said. Yes we all replied. Rose cut the cards first, a ten well safe. Than Bridget cut the cards, a six. Now it was my turn, only a five. My hart was pounding now, was it going to be me she said. Next Helen cut the pack a nine, only Beth to go now. My hart was now in my mouth, as Beth cut the cards. It was only a two she had lost, she was now begging us not to give her to the boys. Saying please its only my second time at a naught party. Please don't give me to the boys, I have never had my knickers down in front of a boy before. I have only ever let them touch my $%!@, so please don't give me up, please their strip me nude. We grabbed her arms and tided them together, she was now kicking out at us, but we soon had her legs bound at the ankles. She was still begging us not to do it, their strip me nude she cried as Helen gagged her. Rose said if that's all they do your be a lucky girl. Then after a minuet or two we carried her to the exchange point on the landing. The poor thing was now trembling from head to toe with fear. She knew the boys would strip her nude, but what else would they do. Then the boys appeared on the landing one of them was bound, and gagged just like Beth. The exchange tock place and we carried the boy in to Rose's bedroom. We put him up on the bed, and tided him down in seconds. Then we started to undress him. First Bridget and I removed his shoes and socks, then Rose and Helen removed his tops. A cheer came from the boys room we know this meant poor Beth was now most likely topless. Next we all worked on the boys trousers, carefully pulling them down so as not to disturb his pants. The outline of his $%!@ was now visible, as it pushed his pants up at the front. Now a big cheer came from the boys room, we all knew that meant Beth was now nude. Rose and Helen slowly downed the boys underpants, pulling them out on each side, this keep the waistband tight down over the top of his legs. Now slowly his lower body was exposed, then some pubic hair began to appear above the waistband. Lower still and the base of his $%!@ was now showing, his $%!@ was now bent flat down in his pants. Slowly more and more of his $%!@ and balls appeared, now only his helmet was in side his pants. We all cheered as his $%!@ popped out. His pants where then pulled all the way down, we untied his legs and removed his trousers and pants, then we retied his legs. He was now only wearing the gag, he was as good as nude. His $%!@ stood up like a lamppost, as we tock turns groping him. You didn't touch his $%!@ said one of the girls. Yes I groped him. We now herd Beth saying no. no not that please not that! Helen said the boys must have removed her gag all reedy, we all knew the boys only needed her mouth free for one thing. We now herd one of the boys saying you will do it, or this probe goes up your bum hole, he added the contacts on it go to this battery. Again we herd Beth's voice please no she cried, followed by no don't put that up my bum, please no. Then came a yell and the words yes, yes I will do it. We herd a boy saying to all of us, followed by a yell and yes, yes all of you. Knowing that Beth was being forced to do the rudest things made Bridget angry. So she set about the boy $%!@, she worked on him till he was right at the point of climax, then stopped. Again and again she worked him right up, only to let him down. I had never seen this done before she was slowly torturing him. Some how Bridget know gust when to slow down or stop. Then after about five stops she let him go. Spunk shot from is $%!@ and landed all over the place, it was just like a fountain. Good job it was a new roll of toilet paper, as Bridget used a lot of it mopping up his $%!@. You didn't $%!@e him then a girl said, adding quickly was that the end of the game? No it was not the end, far from it. From time to time we could still hear Beth saying, no more please, or no not my bum please not my bum followed by a yell, and a cough or two as she began to work on the next boy. Then Helen put the blindfold on him, as Rose reached up her skirt, and pulled down her knickers. Soon she was kneeling over the boy's head, she then lifted the front of her skirt up. Now she remover the gag from his mouth, asking him have you ever been down on a girl. No he said. Well you are going down on me now she added, as she lowered her self down on to his face. You can start licking me now she said as her $%!@ reach his face. Come on you can do it, lick me off. Helen got hold of his $%!@ and pulled it hard upwards that made him start licking. More, more Rose cried, lick me more, as she pushed her crouch down in to his face. More, more lick me more Rose cried, soon her whole body shock with the thrill of an orgasm. As soon as she had dismounted, Helen removed her knickers, saying I wont a bit of that. She was soon up on him, her $%!@ in his face. Lick me lick me she said. Soon she to had an orgasm, yes, yes, yes she cried as she climaxed. Emerging from behind the chimney, my $%!@ rock hard in my pants. I said I bet you dropped your knickers then. The girls then realized I had heard ever word, and tolled me to $%!@ off you pervert. That's good coming from someone that's watched, as a boy was forest to go down on two girls I said. $%!@ of or I tell a teacher that you been looking up my dress said one of the girls. Then looking down at my crouch. Rose said, or we may just need to get your trousers down. I walked away. That's a typical boy Rose added it's aright for you to look up a girl's dress, but if we wont to look at your undies you run away. I was now thinking was that boy lucky or not, would I like to be the selected boy at an exchange party or not. I am not well hung but not small ether, average but for the hair, I must be the hairiest boy in that year if not the school. So the girls would have a good time pulling my hairs. But you need to get an invite first I tolled myself, before you get to be selected. But if I wasn't selected I would not only get see a girl nude, but get to touch her as well. Would that be more fun than being played with I asked my self. Then I wonder what had happened to Beth at that party, how fair did the boys make her go. Then one day a week or so later, I was approached at lunchtime by a boy. Hello I am Nigel he said, adding have you seen the $%!@ on that one over there? To which I replied, I have never seen any $%!@ let alone ones that big. I did not mean out he said, quickly adding would you like to get your hands on a pair of $%!@? Ho yes I answered, as the bell for the end of lunchtime sounded, and we when off in different directions. Nigel said I will see if I can fix it for you. The next day Nigel found me at lunchtime, and said just looking at the girls as usual. I answered yes just looking. Then he said my sister Ann knows two girls that would like to play a game of strip cards with you, are you up for a game of strip cards he added. When and where was all I could blurt out of my mouth at first, then after a few seconds I said would we be playing strip poker? Adding I don't know how to play poker. Nigel replied no not poker its to slow, we play a simple card game. How do you play I asked. Well Nigel replied you all have seven items of clothing on at the start of the game. A pack of cards is put face down, and then you tack turns to turn the top card over. Yes go on I said. Well if the card you turn up is a number card, the game moves on to the next player. But if the card is a picture card, you most remove one item of your clothing, before the game moves on. The game is over when one player is nude, it's a quick simple way to play strip. Sounds like fun I said. He then said we are playing a game on Monday night, if you want to join in, meet me at the old post office in Church road at around five. I will be there was my replay as Nigel casually waked away. My first thought was one of seeing a girl in the nude for the first time, then I thought I might lose and end up nude in front of the girls. Do I go or not, just thinking about it was making my $%!@ go hard. I told myself that Nigel had said his sister know of two girls that would play, plus Nigel and myself that's four at lest. That's odes of one in four of bring nude, a bit risky. But if Nigel's sister Ann, and another boy played the risk of being nude would be down to one in six. I tolled myself to go for it, I am fourteen and had not even seen a girl's $%!@ yet, let a lone seen a girl in the nude. At long last I had an invite, not to just any old party, buy to a game of strip cards. Every time I though about it my $%!@ got hard. It was only Friday how could I hold out till Monday night, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. What if I end up nude, are the girls going to laugh at me, and my hairy privets. What if one of the girls ends up nude. What if one of the other boy ends up nude. What if I come in my pants before the game is over.

CHAPTER 2 My first half hour at camp.

Monday the weather was fine and dry, good for a game of strip I told myself. The day dragged on and on, then at last school was over and I ran home. I had a wash and changed in to my seven items of clothing. My parents where not home from work yet, so I left them a note saying that I was going round a friend's house, and would be some time. At twenty to five I made my way a long to the post office, all the time thinking this is not happening to me. At last I may get to see a girl in the nude, I may even get to touch a girl's privet parts. I turned in to Church road, the post office was now only two shops away. Just thinking about playing the game was making my $%!@ hard again. Nigel was standing by the post box, as I approached he jockeying said, hello got clean panties on just in case you lose, quickly he adding come on this way follow me. We soon turned into an unmade road then after about two hundred yards we joined a public footpath. The path witch was not well used crossed a field, and then entered a wood. Soon we where deep in the wood, and well out of site of anyone on the road. I now asked him is your sister going to play strip tonight? Just try and stop her he said, adding playing strip cards was her idea in the first place. You see she likes seeing boys in the nude, and she enjoys playing with the loser's $%!@. If you lose then you get played with? Of course you do, is that a problem? A problem, no not a problem I said, I just didn't think girls liked playing with boy $%!@s. By them self most wouldn't he said, but get a group of hot little vixens together, and just you watch. Adding and yes before you ask, my sister has ended up nude more than once, and I have been nude before now. I then said but you sister is older than us, dose she not mind being naked in front of younger boys. That's the risk she tacks playing strip cards, one of you must end up nude. Shortly the path opened out in to a small clearing, pushing a bush to one side he said along here. The first part of this hidden path was only just passable, the trees being low to the ground, and the under growth long. I asked do you know how old the girls are? My sister Ann as you know is two years older than us, the other two are thirteen and fourteen I think. He added thirteen to sixteen year old girls look very nice in the nude, don't you think? Yes I like them at about fourteen I said. I had no idea really as I had only ever seen photos of girls nude, and never that young. I told myself that no amount of photos could be like having a girl in the nude for real any way. The path opened out a little, by now we where well off the public footpath. At a big old tree we crossed a small stream, using a plank of wood. Then we went up a slope and along a twisting path into a clearing. This is the place he said do have a look around, but keep the noise down. He went to the little lean-to made out of old doors and windows, and uncovered a row of stools. The clearing was about twenty five foot across, and dee shaped the entrance and lean-to being set on the straight side. To the left was an old tree stump, a loop of rope dangled a bout six foot above the stump. Nigel called out softly; the person that loses the game of strip stands on that stump, in the nude for ten minuets their hands in the loop of rope. I toll myself that a girl sanding up on the stump would show, well not just her $%!@ off. To the right two tall trees stood about seven feet apart, separated only by a big holy bush. Never tree had any branches for the first ten foot or so of trunk. The trees had two screw eyelets in them, one eyelet just about a foot of the ground, and the other at about seven foot up the trunk. Nigel then crossed the clearing and stood next to one of the trees. Then he told me that anybody found cheating is tied to one of the trees, and punished. Usually by striping them nude, and gang $%!@ing them. Are girls punished like that, or just boys I asked. His reply was boy or girl that's the punishment, adding two weeks ago a boy was found to have eight items of clothing on at the start of a game. The girls punished him all right, he was tied to this tree and stripped nude, and $%!@ed non-stop for about forty minuets. The girls only stopping briefly to swap around. Each girl working on his $%!@ for a bout five minuets at a time. Not even stopping when he went I said. No not stopping at all, the girls only ending the poor boys ordeal when he was finally tossed dry. I must have looked puzzled, as he then said. You know what to be tossed dry means don't you. No I don't, I naively added is it when your foreskin gets dry. No it's when you are tossed off again and again till you get the felling of having a climax but no spunk comes. Adding usually it's by the fourth ejaculation that a boy has no spunk left in his balls. That's when he is said to be tossed dry. His ball by then have shrink to about half-normal size and have tighten right up. Just being tolled about it that was making my $%!@ hard again. Nigel then said my sister tolled me about a boy that six girls had worked on, slowly over two hours making him come five times, before he was dry. He then added it's not a pretty thing to see a boys $%!@ being work on non-stop, let alone have it done to you. Is that final dry ejaculation painful I said quickly adding have you ever been tossed dry? No way he said, but a girl has tossed me off twice in half an hour, not non-stop, but still hard on the old $%!@ and balls, Adding I know the boy two weeks ago was in a lot of pain by the end. He toll me only yesterday that he had all most past out at one point near the end, and that his foreskin was red for over a week. Somebody coming I said with excitement, was it Ann and the girls! No it was two boys. Hello I am Paul and this is Simon we are friends of Nigel and Ann. Bought Simon and Paul where big lads, not fat just well built, and bought looked about two years older then myself. I asked them, have you come for the game of cards. Simon said for the game of strip, oh yes. Have you played before I asked? Yes we play a lot of different strip games, all are good fun added Paul. He then added how about you. This will be my first time, then I added I do hope that one of the girls ends up nude. When do we need to get started said Simon, to which Nigel replied now would be good. This must have been a prearranged signal, as Paul garbed one of my arms and Simon garbed the other. I cried out, let me go, what are you doing. Then I was pushed face down to the ground, the two boys still holding on to my wrists. Stop stop I yelled. Keep the noise down Nigel said. I cried out again let me go. Shut up you big baby said Paul. It was only then that I realized how naive I had been, and that Nigel had tricked me in to thinking that we where going to play a game of strip cards, with a group of girls. Let me go I yelled adding no no as Nigel put a gag in my mouth. This will keep you quiet he said as he tided it tightly around my head. What did the boys want with me, had I upset one of them some how, or what! Nigel quickly tied a rope around my ankles, and pegged a loop of it to the ground. Paul and Simon now pulled on my arms stretching me out straight. Nigel was now able to pull my jumper up my back this was soon followed by my polo shirt. The boys turned me over, Simon and Paul still held on to my hands, pushing them down to the ground. Nigel stood over me, his feet between my elbows. He reached down and draw the hem of my jumper up, pulling it slowly over my head. The upward movement continued until my head popped out of the collar. Now for your polo shirt he said pulling at it's hem, soon it too was up over my head. Then after rolling the selves as far up my arms as possible, he tock hold of my right arm. This aloud Paul to pull the selves from my arm. Now from his pocket he produced a small dog collar. The collar fitted with a short length of rope was attached around my wrist. He then held my arm down by the rope, and said Okay this side. Nigel then held my left arm, Simon was now free to repeat the process on his side. The boys had striped me to the waist in next to no time, just thinking about it was making my $%!@ go hard. Seeing this Nigel said look he is enjoying it. The peg holding my legs down was removed, and I was then carried kicking and regaling, over to one of the two trees. I was now stood up my back to the tree, my arms where tied to the upper eyelet, using the ropes attached to the collars. I was now thinking about what Nigel had said the trees where used for. Am I going to be $%!@ed by them, or perhaps even be tossed dry? My trousers were undone, and Paul slowly pushed them down to the rope around my ankles. I hope he is not going to. Nigel stopped Simon from saying any more adding just get him undressed. Next a loop of rope was put around each of my knees and around behind my legs. Simon bent down in front of me and removed my shoes and socks along with the rope around my ankles. Paul now pulled the rope around my knees upward and to one side. My right foot was now off the ground, and Simon was able to slip my trousers from my leg. Paul now pulled the rope upward and to the other side. My left foot was now off the ground, and Simon now slipped my left leg from my trousers. My $%!@ felt harder than ever now. Simon and Paul then moved the holy bush from between the two trees, the bush was only in a big pot and not in the ground at all. Then Nigel placed an old rug from the lean-to on the ground, positioning it mid way between the two trees. He then set about screwing an eyelet in to a tree root just behind it. The boy then untied my knees and arms, and I was pulled over to the rug. I knew that soon I would be tided up between the trees. So I put up a straggle but working together the three of them managed to fix a dog collar to each of my ankles. Then my legs met the same fate as my arms. I was now standing on the rug between the trees, facing the lean-to. My arms tied to the upper eyelets of the tree, and my legs tied to the lower ones. Looking down at the rug I could see that it must have been used a good number of times before, as two almost threadbare peaches ran out sideways from beneath my feet. Then I noticed that the entire middle section was stained a yellowish colour, and right in front of me the rug was covered in small white patches. I had no doubt in my mind that urine and $%!@ had caused the staining, and that I may well be adding to them soon. I wondered are my pants coming off now or what! Simon then tolled me what the boys wanted me to do for them. He said you are going to strip at three parties, that's one party for each of us. You will entertain up to twenty girls each time by doing a stripteases, that's a fully nude one strip by the way. I shook my head to signal no. Paul and simon pulled on my leg ropes, my feet went from being about one and a half foot apart too being three feet apart in seconds. You will do three full strips for us. I shook my head. Nigel moved to about two feet from my left side, then using a stick he begin to toy with my privets. You will do three full stripteases for us he said. I shook my head. The stick was laid on the top of my $%!@, and then raised up about a foot. Do the strips said Nigel. I shook my head. The stick was brought swiftly down hitting my $%!@ full on. Do them Nigel said as he hit my $%!@ again and again. My paints tock most of the impact, so this flogging stung more than hurt. I shook my head to signal no. Nigel turned towards Simon and Paul saying pull on the ropes. Slowly my legs opened by six or seven more inches, before being tided off again. Soon Simon was behind me, saying are you going to do the strips for us. I shook my head again. Reaching over my left arm he showed me a plant dibble, saying look what I got for you. He then moved it around to my back, and I could feel the point of it moving down my body. Soon the tip of the dibble was pushed under the waistband of my pants, and in to the crease of my buttocks. No no stop I said not that. Well Simon said do them for us. No please no. I felt the tip push on down my crease. No please I said as the tip of the tool found my anus, and I pushed my self forwards. I am their then Simon said as he twisted the dibble around a bit. Now I could feel my pants getting pulled down, as Simon lowered the handle on the dibble, Them gust as the tip began to push it's way in, Paul said it's a pity we haven't got more time to work on you. He then added with your legs spread apart like that, it would be easy to make you do the stripteases, but we must go. Just give me two minuets more and he will do the strips for us, I know he will said Simon. Come on Simon no time for any more of that. See you later said Simon as the he put my clothes in a carrier bag. Nigel tested the ropes, as Simon said you will regret saying no to us. Then as the boys made their way out of the camp, Simon put the carrier bag on a stool in the lean-to. Bye then Paul said adding your clothes are over here when you need them. I was left tied up, wearing only a gag and my pants, my arms and legs spread wide apart. I straggled but was not able to get free, I then wondered how long was I going to be left like this, and shod I have said yes to doing the stripteases for them. As the minuets past my legs began to ache. I tolled myself that when the boy return I may well need to signal yes to doing the stripteases for them, especially if the dibble is used on me again, but how long was it going to be before the bastards return.
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