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Boys humiliated by girls

Femdom 8

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-07-28 05:33:35

I was told to lie down on her bed until she came back. I became Natasha's little baby that she loved. She entered the room with a new diaper, baby powder, and wipes. After, I was done with getting changed, she carried me to a stroller. Oh god, I knew what was going to happen. She buckled me in and we were out the door. She took the longest route in the park, where some girls in my school pointed and laughed. I was nearly crying because of this. I came back and then Natasha breastfed me again. Then I was given a teddy bear and a pacifier. Natasha plopped the pacifier in my mouth and said if I didn't suck on this I'd pay. Then, for security I hugged the bear for warmth. She smiled and kissed me, "Who's my cute baby?!" I replied in fear, "I am, Natasha." She picked me up and swatted my butt, "Call me 'mommy', because you are my little baby." I nodded, "Yes, mommy." I nearly exploded from joy. She then put me in the closet so I could have my 'play time'. After that, she said it was time for my bath.

P.S. She says in the bath waiting for me is a lovely suprise. What is it?