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Boys humiliated by girls

Femdom 2

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-06-23 05:56:57

Natasha came to me and ask me if I'd come help her shop. I nodded and went. She used me as a coat hanger, giving me clothes every time she saw something "cute". I finally got to stop at 14 pieces of clothing. We made sure no one was looking and I followed her into the dressing room. She told me to strip for her. I obediently did as told. She smiled, she took a ruler from her purse and told me to go on my fours. I was ready. She wacked me butt, since it was one of those metal ones it burned. I winced as more and more came. To tell you the truth I liked it. She then picked me up. She tried on the clothes and only brought one pair of panties in the end. She leaned on me, "I'm glad were 'dating'." I looked at her body, "Me too." She kissed me on the cheek and had her hands around my neck, "And who's in charge?" I replied, "You are. I love it." She this time kissed me on my lips, "Will you suck a guy's balls again?" I nodded and she then kissed me. She brought me to her home and she called up her friend Coby. I was told to undo his pants. I then saw his giant $%!@. I was told suck it. I did and Coby laughed. Natasha laughed and said to put on some clothes on in a box and to wear it the entire day when my uncle and aunt are out of town. I nodded and found some glittery blue panties that were a sizes too small. I tried them on and they barely covered my balls and they showed my buttcheeks, "Perfect fit!" I heard Natasha. She jumped up as she heard the bell. I followed her. The cheerleaders were bursting with laughter as they saw me. I was then told to hump each girl's leg. I started with Natasha and all the girls gasped, "You let THAT hump your leg?"

P.S. She's going to take me to go naked to hump some girls from our school. Then have me pee on a tree. Then she'll feed me like a baby bird. By chewing her food and spitting it into my mouth. Any ideas?

Posted by tam cfc on 2010-06-24 11:14:13

buy her a crown and call her queen