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Boys humiliated by girls

I am a loser

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-06-16 04:35:56

I escorted Natasha to her little sleepover with her cheerleader friends. When we got there, Natasha introduced me, "Guys, this is Johnny/Heather. She will be our little slave." A girl named Courtney decided to start off the humiliation with stripping me and when she saw my balls she smiled, "A little crossdresser, eh?" I nodded and waited for more. Courtney went and put Nair on my body. I waited for 1 hour until it started to burn and my eyes spouted out tears, Courtney then made it hurt more by putting it on my balls. Then I was bawling, then the Nair was taken off. Not a hair on the body. The next one, Megan picked me up and brought me to her closet. She went down to spank me, after one slap I was crying. Then she took me and held me up (she's taller and stronger than me), "Who's a big baby?You're a big baby. Yes you are. Yes you are." I felt awkward being naked but then she put a G-string on me. I was handed to Katy. She spanked me on the butt which still stung from the Nair. I then was told to hold hands with her. I did and she told me to change her into something that would make her look great. A evil thought went into my mind. I dragged her to the closet. I stripped her and then put on a diaper on her. In rage, she smacked me. And she told me to go strip naked and for punishment go give every girl a lap dance. Oh, I have to get a spanking.