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Boys humiliated by girls

New humiliation (I like it)

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-06-14 15:29:01

Now that my summer break is on, Natasha and her cheerleader friends have made me a butler. I go around naked and serve them drinks. Natasha and her friends went to her pool. She told me that I should get towels. I bowed and left. When I came back I saw them in string bikinis at least two times small for them. Natasha saw me staring, "Johnny, for staring go on your knees." I went on my knees and recieved a big fat spank. I started to cry. My butt was burning from those spanks from the last day of school. Natasha then threw me in the pool. She then put me in a tight headlock and pulled me underwater. I then started to lose air. Then I was brought up and then they put me in black panties and handcuffs. They said, "Remember don't stare." I nodded. Soon, they took off everything they were walking around naked. I averted my eyes from the amazing view. I was then put in a skirt and my hair was stroked into a feminine way. They then brought me into a closet. In my panties were ice cubes so I was chattering. I was then farted in the face by all 4 girls that taunted me. Then they brought me back to the pool (don't ask). One of the girls Katy stripped me and sat on my crotch. It hurt, but having a naked girl on you is awesome. Then another girl Megan put her butt in my face and told me to kiss it. Then Natasha held me down. Then Khloe tickled me (?). Even though I was being humiliated by girls. They were naked girls! They then hancuffed me to a pole in the backyard. Pulled my skirt and panties down. They slapped my balls hard. I felt pain after they turned red. I was going to go into a ball and cry. But my feet were tied to the pole. So it was impossible for me to move. Natasha started to taunt me with putting her body close to mine. I liked the humiliation. It would be a fun year.