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Boys humiliated by girls


Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-06-14 05:08:46

I was forced to go to Natasha (a really hot girl) in diapers in the girls' bathroom. When Natasha saw me in diapers, she started laughing, "Johnny, is this your perverted way of try to turn me on or did Lucy send you here to get tortured by me and my friends." I explained it was the second one. She nodded and let me in the stall. There in her stall were her three cheerleaders in skimpy revealing outfits. Megan, Katy, and Khloe were there laughing at me, "Well, hello little Johnny. Aren't you a big boy in that little diaper." Natasha replied, "Now, now. Let's be nice." Megan took off my diaper and saw my p.enis. Megan played with it. Then she and Katy took off their tops and tossed them in my face. I saw they didn't wear bras. I was grinning like an idiot, until Natasha stripped completly. She paraded her body in front of me, "Like what you see?" I nodded. She smiled and put her hand on my cheek, "Well, take a picture. I don't care, but in exchange you're our slave for a year." I nodded because I wanted proof for you guys. Then once I snapped a few. Natasha put on her stripped clothes on my body. To tell you the truth I liked it. Then they gave me a swirly, then a big spanking, they said if I snapped back I would go in a G-string in the girls' locker room at P.E. and ask them for a spanking. Shocked, I snapped back, "What!?" Natasha replied, "Is that talking back?" I shook my head but Natasha asked Khloe to give her a G-string thong. Khloe smiled and removed her thong from under her skirt. I wore the G-string and then was enclosed in a tight circle with my torturers. Then no one could see me when I went to the locker room. When I was in there were naked girls everywhere. Christina was there and she grinned, "Well, if it isn't Johnny. Would you like something?" I said, "A spanking, I want 500 from every girl here." Then the spank-fest began. My butt scarlet when they were done, and I was laughed at for crying.

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-06-14 06:07:39

I must say, i would have liked seeing you in the cheerleader uniform much better than seeing her naked, but we have a whole year for that now.