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Boys humiliated by girls

Humiliated 4

Posted by :| on 2010-06-13 19:43:09

Today, I was going to my friends house, and when I was in there, the crazy girl came out! She and my friend tackled me to the ground, and then 2 other girls came in. They told me they will have their fun with me.

Friend: She was my friend since 4th grade. I'll call her Jill. So Jill just sat on my face for about 20 minutes, then she told me to get on me knees and kiss her as.s, then her feet, and then she rubbed her as.s on my face.

Girl 1: I'll call her Alex. Alex has really big bo.obs, and she put her arms around my head, and pressed it in her bo.obs. then she got Girl 2, and told her to press my face in her as.s. Then she forced me to suck her toes.

Girl 2: I'll call her Lana. Lana forced me to drink her pee, then she gave me a swirly, and then a wedgie.

Alex and Lana: They gave me what they call an as.s sandwich. Alex was lying face down, and I had my head in her as.s. Then Lana sat on my head, pushing it into Alex's but.t. Then Lana lied down, I had my head in her as.s, and Alex pressed my head down with her bo.obs.

Crazy girl: I"ll call her Ashley. Ashley made me lie down, and then made me lick her feet which were on my face. Then she dropped down on my face, and then made be be her 'horsie', before making me kiss her bo.obs, then her naked as.s, which she shoved in my face.