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Boys humiliated by girls

Swimming pool part 2

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-31 16:44:11

I was put in a shower stall with Lucy and Victoria. They held me in a fetal position and turned on the water. They stripped me down until I was naked. I knew not to argue. Victoria treated me like a baby in a tub. I didn't know why I let her do this, it was something about her. Lucy taunted me by putting her breasts in my face and using them to clean my face. Victoria worked a lot on my privates. When they were done they didn't give me back my bikini I was suppose to wear but Victoria took my towel and folded it around me. She picked up and cradled me. Then we left. On the way back, Victoria kept looking at me. I knew that I was naked underneath the towel and Victoria knew so she was playing around with my body. When we got to Lucy's house Victoria unfolded the towel and left to go get a diaper. She put it on and smiled. Then Lucy got a bra and put it on me. I was picked up by Victoria again and she treated me like a baby. She then got some apple sauce. I really thought she was insane, but I led feed me like that. She put the spoon of apple sauce in my mouth. I uttered, "Victoria, thank you." She smiled at this and wrapped me up in the towel again. She put me in the closet and she rocked me back and forth, this was humiliating but I liked it. Then Lucy came in with a camera I then discovered they've been recording all of this. But I didn't care, they held me and even Lucy kissed me. They said I was a good boy and they gave me a dildo for the pacifier, "Good night, Johnny." Victoria locked lips with me. She then put the dildo in my mouth. Her lips went on my cheek, "I love you." I blinked in disbelief, she loved me. Then she left, I was sucking on a dildo, in a diaper and wearing a bra. How could Victoria love me, that's for later.

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-06-01 04:20:55

I'm really happy my dildo idea is still alive. A shame it isn't taped in or anything, but I guess you've been a good boy.