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Boys humiliated by girls

Humilated by Chavs again

Posted by bimbomark on 2010-05-19 09:51:49

This actually happened to me and my friends last Friday and Sunday


I met up with Jason and Simon and decided to go round to Ashley’s house and return his chain which I was not going to wear, as we neared the house about 10 o’clock you hear the music some hip hop chav crappy music blasting out.

As we got nearer to the house we bumped into Kyle and Lewis two spotty faced 14 year old friends of Simone, were on the opposite side of the road they both looked high, they shouted at me hey bitch boy going to the party with your batty boy’s,

Simone wants to spank your arse again, then started laughing at us.

The house was a right tip kids toys out on the front garden, broken bikes and motor bikes a right sh*t hole, as we approached Simone came out and started taunting me, I told her to give the chain back to her brother, she just sneered out me and called me a slave boy faggot and told me to f*k off and said you faggot boys are going to get a f*king beating..

Kyle and Lewis came up to the house Kyle smacked Jason on the back of the head and ran into the house, we just left, Jason wanted to go in but I said it wasn’t worth the hassle.


As usual Sunday morning was football practice, I went to Simons, he came to the door having just got out of bed he obviously wasn’t ready hair all over the place dressed only in his underpants, I went in to wait for him.

The door bell rang so with Simon up stairs I answered it SMACK!! I was knocked on the floor by Lewis and one of his Chav scum mates about 16 chav’s ran into the house Kyle and Ashley ran upstairs Lewis dragged me along the hallway and took me in the down stairs toilet one pinned me down slapping me in my face they then filled the sink and started ducking me in the sink, calling me bitch boy! bitch boy!, they then were joined by two of Simone’s chav bitches.

I couldn’t fight all four of them they pulled of my football shirt socks and trainers and pulled down my shorts round my ankles, leaving me in my yellow briefs, they dragged me back into the living room, continuing to slap and punch me, Simone then took off my football shorts while putting her foot on my neck laughing at me..

Then they dragged Simon down stairs just in his white briefs, he was knocked to the floor Kyle and three others pulling at blonde his hair, he was sat upon, his face slapped he was screaming for them to stop, they dragged him to the floor punching and slapping his face, then they rolled him on to his front, with Kyle sat on his back pulling his head back, Then Kyle elbowed Simon in the back, then started pulling his arms together behind his back, Simon was begging for them to stop.

Then Simone started squeezing his balls and pinching his nipples, Kyle shouted at Simon “submit bitch boy”, Simon told him to “fu@k off.” So Kyle carried on the torture twisting Simons leg outwards, until Simon said yes “I submit please no more”, with that Kyle got off him and slapped Simons arse for good measure, so are you my bitch boy Kyle shouted, Simon now cowering said “yes now please just stop”.

I looked up and could see Lewis laughing as he looked out the front room window and he called Ashley over, the door bell went Ashley opened the door and pulled poor Jason in again he was jumped on by Lewis and Kyle, his football kit being ripped off him and was stripped down to his briefs Jason managed to get up but was dragged back onto the floor and stamped on until he was completed overpowered, they then rolled him over and gave him a huge wedgie ripping his black pants in the process. Again Kyle and Lewis started punching Jason in the stomach and kicking him in the balls, “do you submit bitch”, yes said Jason just get the fu@k away from me.

The Chav scum victory was now complete they were all screaming and shouting, I just lay there when Ashley sat back on me squeezed my balls and told me if I didn’t want his necklace he would give me something more permanent he put a small chain round me neck then secured it with a small padlock and sneered you will wear this all week and you are now my bitch boy…..

The three of us lay there beaten and humiliated we were made to stand up Sinone was still holding Simon rubbing his stomach and rubbing his arse I think she secretly fancied Simon.

Then Ashley Kyle & Lewiis took pictures of us with my $%!@@king mobile which they had taken from me the previous Friday no doubt they will be put on the Web very soon, Ashley said you all are our bitch boys now

Mark x

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-05-28 03:55:10

That sounds pretty bad. Are you hurt? Do they still harass you?

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