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Boys humiliated by girls

Humiliated by Chav's

Posted by bimbomark on 2010-05-12 13:14:26

This is a true story it actually happened to me last Friday.

It’s been hard to put into words what happened to me but here goes:-

I was walking home from College last week through my local park close to where I live when I saw 3 girls by a park bench they were all chav’s, I recognised one of them her name is Simone she lives in the next road to mine.

Her family is really rough, they had obviously been drinking and smoking all afternoon, they were all about 14 years old. As I walked past I just smiled they made some sort of batty boy Mark comment which I just ignored and carried on walking. As I walked on one of girls ran up to me and demanded money for fags I told to her f**k off and just carried on, Then suddenly they all started running towards me I wasn’t at all worried as I think an 18 year old can deal with a 3 silly chav bitches, they surrounded me then suddenly something hit me on the side of the head I stumbled to the ground holding my head as I tried to get up another punch hit me in the stomach then another in the back of the head they all started beating me up.

I stumbled into the woods at the edge of the park they were like a pack of wolves one jumped on my back and dragged me down they all pounced on me, my ruck sack and hooded top was pulled of then my tee shirt was ripped to shreds, I tried fighting back but more kicks and punches hit me, they then started stripping me of my jeans, socks and trainers, they stripped me down to my underpants.

While one of the girls was getting the money out of my jeans, Simone and the other girl took turns to torment me I just lay there in my briefs they knelt either side of me I was so exhausted they could do anything to me, all the fight had gone out of me, they started squeezing my balls, and pinching my nipples every time I pleaded for them to stop I got a slap on the face, they started saying “how does it feel to be my bitch boy”, I told them to f**k off they then they rolled me over and started spanking me, my arse was red raw, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

They dragged me further into the wood, were they carried on drinking, and tormenting me further one the girls sat on my chest slapping me in the face, I couldn’t believe I could be beaten up by a 14 year old girl. One of the girls shouted “strip the bitch boy of his tighty whities”, so Simone stood over me I put up my hands to stop her but she punched me on the nose and I fell back, she took of my briefs and my humiliation was now complete.

The chav bitches started laughing at the size of my $%!@, I lay there naked with one of the girls stood on me in a kind of sick victory pose then I was made to stand naked while one of the chav’s squeezed and pinched my nipples then I was slapped on my arse, they each took turns to humiliate me, I lay there naked covered in dirt.

They started going through my ruck sack robbing me of my mobile and i-pod and threw all my college books around the wood, they had my money and told me not to tell anyone about this, as they left the wood I could still her them laughing about kicking the bitch boys butt.

I got my pants and socks on when Ashley, Simone’s older brother came into the wood and grabbed me around the neck I thought he was going to beat me up, he said “I hear the bitch boy got what he deserved”, he gave me a gold necklace which was a piece of cheap chav bling, he told me to wear it all next week or I would get more of the same, and I was to go round to his and Simone’s house next week for a party on Friday. I couldn’t understand what the necklace and going round to there house was all about.

I went home threw my soiled clothes into the washing machine I never told my parents what had happened.

I told my friends Jason & Simon about it and they said with their help I should get the chav scum back,

I really don’t know if I should just let it go as a bad experience, I will also avoid going through the park next week.

Any help on what I should do well be gratefully received.

Mark x

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-05-13 19:38:36

This next Friday is tomorrow right? What do you plan to do, Mark?

Posted by bimbomark on 2010-05-14 10:27:35

Miissed 2 days of College due to swollen face havent seen that f**k wit Ashlwy yet, not sure about going to there party cannot work that one out,,,,my mate jason wants to confront them but not sure how to play it, thanks for reply


Posted by nukeFury on 2010-05-15 17:05:14

What did you end up doing? How did the chavs react? Did you not post yet because they still have you captured? Please tell us when you can.

Posted by Sweet Candy Apples on 2012-10-03 21:12:53

Sounds like the girls had some fun!!!!