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Boys humiliated by girls

Please more ideas

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-11 23:20:00

It's Christina. I need more ideas to humiliate Heather. I've all ready pantsed her in front of all the girls at school. I've all ready made her crossdress. Made him go to the mall like that. I've done every single idea I can think of. HELP!

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-05-11 23:31:17

Christina you leave Johnny alone or else!!!!Unlike Johnny, I am not will not submit to you let you control me dominate me I am not intimidated by you afraid of you scared of you frightened of you petrified of you terrified of you!!!! I am will stand up to you, I am not will be worried about you concerned by you fretting of you become anxious and or stressed by you!!!!

Posted by nukeFury on 2010-05-12 00:55:02

Forget about that troll. Now that summer is coming you should make Heather get a job to fund her own punishments. You can use the money to buy bondage toys and such. If she's bad you can also buy an enema kit at a pharmacy and give her a punishment enema. I hear those are very unpleasant.

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-05-12 01:05:17

nukeFury, How is helping out Johnny being a troll????!!!! I am just trying to come to his aid, trying to rescue him, trying to defend him trying to protect him, well excuse me if it makes me a troll!!!! Johnny doesn't think I am a troll, in fact and or as a matter of fact he knows I am NOT a troll, he feels I am NOT a troll!!!! feel feal think fink finking knowing no iz mee mea kayks kaiks too two 2!!!! who hoo give heather a job, employ heather????!!!!

Posted by Toa IIgnika on 2010-05-13 14:56:04

nukeFury, I thought you liked Johnny, so why are you encouraging supporting promoting Christina doing all those disgusting and or despicable things or and stuff to Johnny??!!

I thought you considered Johnny to be a mate, friend, buddy, pal, associate, chum and or acquaintance mayt mait frend buddee buddea!!!! johnee johnea!!!! Why are you on Christina's side now, why have you suddenly changed sides or and have you been on christinas side all along just pretending to like johnny being a traitor taryter traytur traytir traiter traitur traitir!!!! Betraying your fellow males dudes chaps blokes guys boys!!!! doodz maylz mailz beetraying beatraying!!!!