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Boys humiliated by girls

I learn to never disobey

Posted by Attarack2 on 2010-05-10 15:25:11

I was at Mistress's feet and she demanded that I had to go to my house and get underwear I had when I was 4. I got them for her and then she said, "Boy put them on!" I did it was tight and then Mistress said, "You are a little boy and little boys don't have hair on their thing!" She got a razor and I was scared and I ran running in little boys' undies but Mistress caught up, "Bad Johnny! Bad, bad, bad!" She took a hairbrush and whacked my butt 50 hard times each cheek. I was crying and Mistress smiled, she said mockingly, "Oh does little boy need a pacifier? Oh poor cry baby!" I attacked but she picked me up and tossed me to the floor, she held me down and shaved the hair off my balls. I was crying on the floor, I looked at my hairless thing. Mistress picked me up and held me so I was in a fetal position, "Does cry baby Johnny need his mommy? Or is he a big boy?" I was crying and I unintentionally put my arms around her. Mistress carried me to her bed tucked me in at 12:00, "Good night little baby." She took some pics of my hairless thing, me in my little undies and me in bed. I was embarrassed that she sent it to her friends. I cried myself to sleep and learned to never disobey Mistress.